Top 5 Gun Safe for Car You Will Find Online

Whether you are at home or on the go, safety should always be your top priority. These are dangerous times, which is why having your firearm nearby is imperative. A secure weapon drawer in your vehicle is an ideal solution for your trips.

In this guide, you’ll discover many gun safe for car options. These concealment storages allow you to keep weapons secure in your sedans, SUVs, or vans. You’ll find detailed product reviews below. Don’t hesitate to browse them and find the perfect solution!

What Is the Best Car Safe for Firearms?

The simple answer would be one that fits your preferences. While on the search for a car safe for gun storage, consider these features:

  • Fixed or portable. Drawers can be heavy to move out of the vehicle. Cases are more portable but also easier to steal.
  • Size. It should accommodate the weapon you plan to place there. If you need extra space for other precious items, make sure they don’t disturb effortless gun access.
  • Mounting. First, ensure that it fits in the predicted location. It should remain tight in place while the vehicle is on the move.
  • Locking mechanism. You can pick a simple combination lock or go with a more durable option.
  • Brand. A reliable manufacturer will deliver all promised features. They will cover the product with a warranty to prove it’s trustworthy.

1. TruckVault SUV 2 Drawer

The drawer where you keep weapons shouldn’t attract attention. TruckVault SUV 2 Drawer keeps a low profile but ensures your gun remains safe. The construction is strong enough to resist a crowbar or sledgehammer in short timeframes. The manufacturer used premium materials for premium durability and security.

This is a spacious storage system with two drawers. You can store multiple firearms, including guns, rifles, etc. The installation requires mounting the drawers to the floor. It’s possible to customize the product to your needs. Begin by choosing the drawer height and long, short, or diagonal dividers. They will ensure you have enough room for all your precious items, and not only weapons.

Customers can pick from different locking mechanisms. The affordable combination lock is fairly safe. If you want extra security, folding T-handles and silver T-locks can be a better choice. And if you need fast access, you’ll appreciate the push-button option. It ensures you can get the weapon without reaching for keys when necessary.

Overall, TruckVault SUV 2 Drawer is an excellent deal for all owners of this vehicle. If you are a passionate hunter, multiple firearm storage is available. The secure lock will keep the weapons safe from other passengers.

2. TruckVault Sedan Elevated Line 1-Drawer Gun Safe for Car

The unit’s measurements are 38x18, while the depth is 8.875 inches. Those who need a small gun safe for car storage will appreciate this single-drawer option. The designers used MDO, which is medium-density plywood. It is resistant to high heat and can withhold high impacts.

Sedan Elevated Line is special because it raises the drawer from the floor. That leaves access to the spare tire or provides extra storage room. It’s possible to choose a baseline option, too. TruckVault is proud of its customization options. The range of solutions ensures you can find one that fits your vehicle. The adjustable features include:

  • Height. The lowest is 6 1/8, but the highest goes up to 10 1/8 inches.
  • Faces. The classic black is discreet, but teak or walnut can add to the interior appearance.
  • Carpet. You can pick from six colors, such as beige and cocoa, for the drawer’s floor.
  • Locks. You can pick keyed or combination options for maximum security.

3. SentrySafe PP1K

This portable safe can accommodate one or two handguns. Its appearance might remind you of a travel case, so nobody will think you hold weapons there. The single-firearm variation’s size is 10.1x11.3x3.4 inches. That guarantees transport simplicity and impressive portability. The product can be an under car seat gun safe, but you can also carry it wherever you go.

The solid steel is durable, and the door material is pry-resistant. You’ll get a standard lock with a set of keys that includes a spare. The California Department of Justice approved this safe. It’s crucial for those who want their gun storage to comply with laws.

If you keep it in the car, you can use a tether cable to attach it to something. That ensures the safe remains in position. The interior foam will ensure the weapon doesn’t damage inside the compartment. Once you take it outside, the carrying handle makes the product easy to move. The total weight without the handgun is 6.5 pounds.

4. Hornady RAPiD 2700KP with RFID

The latest model developed by Hornady is a reliable car gun safe. Its main advantage is touch-free access. There’s no lock or keys involved. Instead, you use RFID tags to open the case. It can be a key fob or a wristband that sends a signal to the device once you are nearby. The product automatically opens the lid, and you can access the weapon in seconds. That can matter if you happen to be in a dangerous situation.

RAPiD 2700KP features pry resistance and meet the standards of child safety. The construction is tamper-proof. The manufacturer used thick steel with hardened locking lugs. You can carry the case anywhere but also use a cable to secure it to another object. The storage will fit four-inch revolvers and most 1911 size pistols.

5. SnapSafe Lock Box

If you think portability is what makes the best gun safe for a car, you’ll like SnapSafe Lock Box. You can find it in three sizes and store guns and sensitive items inside. This case meets the TSA airline guidelines for firearms.

The box features 16-gauge steel for maximum durability. You’ll find a classic lock with a three-digit combination to set. The cable for fixing it to stationary objects is durable since it has a 1,500-pound rating. The safe seems an excellent choice for traveling since it fits under the seat or in the glove compartment.

Final Thoughts

The user preference is crucial for selecting a gun safe for car. The best firearm storage for SUVs isn’t the most suitable solution for sedans. Users can pick from fixed drawers to cases that they can take out of the vehicle. Some prefer maximum concealment, while others want a simple lock for quick access. 

It’s all about establishing your requirements. The specific needs will ensure you find the perfect firearm safe for any vehicle. Don’t hesitate to look for it and enjoy all the amazing benefits of this storage solution