The Easy Steps On How To Install A Vehicle Gun Safe In Your Car

Many people prefer having a firearm close to them. Whether it’s for safety or gun range practice, there’s a good chance you’ll have to transport your gun. Depending on state laws, safe firearm transportation is legal. However, we recommend staying current with transportation laws.

There are many ways to transport your gun. One of the safest ways is to invest in a vehicle gun safe. While these are an investment, they are safe and easy to install. Keep reading to learn the incredible benefits of having a vehicle safe and how easy it is to install. 

Steps on How to Install a Vehicle Gun Safe

A portable gun safe is similar to a home safe, but more compact. It often fits snugly inside of your vehicle and can be installed easily. We’ll discuss how to install these safes and why you should get one. 

Safely Transporting a Gun

There are two rules in most places for firearm transportation. Knowing the safety requirements is important. Not only will it keep your transportation legal, but it keeps your family safe. 

The majority of places have two steps for transportation: 

  • Unload your firearm. To transport, you’ll want to take the ammunition out of the gun chamber. This will ensure that you don’t have an accidental fire. You may also use a trigger lock for added security. 
  • Gun safe. Most places require that guns are out of sight while being moved in a vehicle. A gun safe is the most efficient way to do this. This will deter thieves.

  • If you get pulled over by police, make sure to tell them you have a firearm and explain where it is. 

    Why You Need a Vehicle Gun Safe

    There are many reasons why you need a safe for your vehicle. It will enhance both family safety and deter thieves. Some of the most important reasons include:

    Reinforces poor vehicle security 

    Many modern-day vehicles are still easy to break into. Thieves can easily pop most locks from the outside. Once a vehicle has been wrongfully entered, you’re at risk of your firearm being stolen. 

    If you have a proper gun safe, this adds another level of security to your vehicle. 

    Hidden to deter thieves

    Thieves will target vehicles that have valuables in them. A gun is a sizable investment. This means that cars with vehicles are more likely to be targeted. 

    By having a gun safe, you’ll have the firearm out of sight. This means that your chances of getting broken into diminishing. 

    Light for safe transport

    Vehicle safes for firearms are manufactured to be light. This allows safe and easy transport without weighing your vehicle down. Home safes are often heavier. Due to this, having a special vehicle safe is the best option.

    Many handgun safes can be used in vehicles, but they don’t offer the same lightness or security. 

    Perfect for short-term storage

    You only want to transport your firearm when necessary. Otherwise, keep your gun safe in your home. Gun safes are easy to access and perfect for short term storage to meet your needs.

    Portable car safes are often bolted into your car. This way, you can use it when necessary.

    Keep your family safe

    Not only are thieves of concern, but kids are too! Avoid potentially fatal accidents with safe gun storage. Keep guns away from children to make sure everyone is safe at all times. 

    A trunk or under-seat safe provides a safe lock that children can’t access. This will give you peace of mind while transporting.

    Types of Vehicle Gun Safes

    There are three types of portable gun safes for vehicles:

  • Console safe. Placed safely in the space of the center console. These safes can be accessed quickly with one hand. 
  • Cabled safe. These safes are purchased with an attachment cable. The cable securely attaches the safe to your vehicle. 
  • Mounted safe. Mounted safes are long-term solutions. They feature pre-made holes to attach to the vehicle with bolts.
  • How to Install Mounted Safes

    Installing mounted safes is easier than it sounds. The hardest part is deciding where you’re going to put the safe. This often can be in the trunk or floor bed of your vehicle. To install a mounted safe, follow these steps:

      • Determine where you want your gun safe.Consider the most convenient or safe option. Many people like storing the safe in their trunks. However, this will be more difficult to access. 
      • Sketch out your safe.Draw out the perimeter of the safe on the carpet of the vehicle. This will help you know where to cut material. 
  • Cut. Using a utility or Exacto knife, cut the carpet where the safe will go. 
  • Measure holes. Following the template of your safe, draw where the holes will go. This will allow you to know exactly where to drill safely. 
  • Drill. Once your safe is placed where it should be, then it’s time to get drilled. A socket wrench is a good tool for tightening bolts. 

  • Mounted safes are permanent fixtures in your vehicle. Minimal damage will occur during installation. However, they are more difficult for thieves to access than cable safes.

    How to Install Cable Safes

    Though a mounted safe is more secure, acable safe is easier to install. In the box, the required cable for a strong attachment will be included. To effectively install the safe, follow these steps:

  • Find where you want your safe installed. Cable safes often are located at the bottom or side of a seat. Similarly to the mounted safe, determine where the safest and most convenient location is. 
  • Secure cable. Using the provided cable, attach and secure it. 

  • Cable safes offer good mobility and won’t damage the inside of your car. Because of that, many people opt for them.


    Understanding the safe options for your car is important! Once you know the type of safe you want, installation is relatively easy. Though mounted safes are more difficult, they offer permanence and security. Having a vehicle gun safe is the most efficient and safe way to transport your firearms. 

    Now that you understand how simple and effective these safes can be, you’re ready to add one to your vehicle.