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Hollon Safes “Do You Know Security?”

Find the page with four types of gun safes and four types of security safes. We have put this page together to demonstrate the different types of security. Most people just don’t understand the difference in security and fire rating on safes. Mainly because they are not exposed to this information or if they have been to a Big Box retailer they have seen what we would call a plastic “fire box” with the word “burglary safe” written on the side and handle on the top. So we want to educate everyone on what is available that is real security and real fire protection. Education is essential to making good decisions.

There are four main types of security safes available. In the gun safes category please find the TL-15 Gun Vault, Extra Thick Steel RSC, 10 Gauge RSC, and the 12 Gauge Hunter Series. In the security safes below please find the TL-15, Fire and Burglary, B-Rated Safe, and office safe.

Step 1

So let’s take a look at the different types of security?” Let’s look at either the gun safes or the security safes below them and start from the left side and work to the right.

Step 2

There are four main types of security safes available. In the gun safes category please find the TL-15 Gun Vault, Extra Thick Steel RSC, 10 Gauge RSC, and the 12 Gauge Hunter Series. In the secu- rity safes below please find the TL-15, Fire and Burglary, B-Rated Safe, and office safe.

Step 3

Starting on the left side the TL-15 models will be the highest security rating in this example. Also, it’s the most expensive of the safes in this example. “TL-15” stands for “TooL test time of 15 minutes”. This is a bit of a misleading name though because the 15 minutes is only the time that a tool is actually working on the safe and that the test can actually run several hours by UL. This rating is an insurable rating like a bank vault. Some insurance companies will only write insurance policies on contents in a TL-15 rated safe or higher. Also we install a hard plate cage on the interior of each wall, top, and bottom. Next, is the high compression concrete with an aluminum mixture for fire prevention and acts as a theft deterrent. (You can’t use a blow torch to get through it and the aluminum mixture gunk’s up grinding tools thus slowing down any would be thief.)

Step 4

Next is the Fire and Burglary Series or the Extra Thick Steel RSC Gun Safe. Both are the next level down in security. But still have a 2 hour fire rating. Next is the B-rated safe or the 10 Gauge RSC. Both still have a good amount of security but offer less fireproofing. The B-Rated safeoffers no fireproof. Still really good security though. Last are the Office safe and the 12 Gauge Hunter series gun safe. Both are the 4th notch down in security in this example. The office safe still holds 2 hour fireproof rating but the Hunter series is only 45 minutes. Based on local fire departments we know that from the time a fire sparks until the first drops of water start it takes roughly 20 minutes. Then it takes roughly another 20 minutes to fully extinguish the fire. So in our opinion anything less than 40 minutes of fire protection is really no protection at all and you will lose all your belongings if you actually have a fire


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    Great buy

    Great safe. It was exactly as advertised. It is perfect for our needs.

    Hollon 22

    As advertise. 5 stars if it was,garage delivery.

    RS500i EDC Shelf 100% Width

    Love this safe!

    Granted, for its size it is expensive. But you get what you pay for. Looks nice in the bedroom, not an eyesore. Easy to set up, I had mine and my wife’s fingerprints in within a few minutes, connected to the app and adjusted some personal settings.

    Fingerprint verification and opening has been very dependable. Had a previous biometric safe that was inconsistent on reading fingerprints and have not had this issue within the first 2 months. I open it daily to ensure it is still functioning and there have been no hang ups.

    Accessories are cool and organization is a breeze. I have 2 pistols, double barrel tactical shotgun (DP-12) and an AR (mounted on the accessory door mount) and there is room to spare for gun accessories and ammo. I recommend the full shelf for additional organization. I have 50-rd drum magazines and 12 other magazines stores in the magazine holders. Looks very nice and quick access is important.

    Shipped safely and VERY fast from Armadillo! Excellent customer support too.

    Hello Mr. McLaughlin,
    Thank you for purchasing the Vaultek RS500i. We are pleased to hear you are happy with your new safe and with our service! We appreciate your review very much!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team

    Nice but could use better craftsmanship.

    The front of this was everything I expected it to be. After that, it was par. I expected it to be made firm and strong. The back has absolutely nothing done to it whatsoever it’s just plain pine wood. I will order again if their craftsmanship goes up.

    Hello Ms. Amber,
    Thank you for purchasing the Liberty Home Mini American Flag Case. We are pleased to hear the front was everything you expected! We appreciate your feedback about the back very much, having consumer insight is important for us!
    Kind regards,
    Armadillo Safe and Vault Team