6 Benefits of Biometric Safes

Do you really need a biometric safe when you can just get a more affordable option? A regular safe that uses a key or code is more affordable and protects your valuable items just the same. But, biometric safes are more advanced when it comes to security, giving you peace of mind even when you’re out of town.

A biometric safe might be intimidating if you look at the price, but it’s totally worth your money. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of biometric vaults to help you figure out if the security they provide is what you currently need.

Top Advantages of Biometric Safes

  1. Keyless Lock and Unlock

A biometric vault is very popular because you can access the items inside without using a key. You just need your fingerprint and the safe will open automatically. Although a traditional safe can keep your things protected, it’s only applicable if you don’t lose it.

If you are the type of person who usually forgets where you place your key, this is the perfect safe for you. As long as you still have your finger with you, then you will always have access to a biometric vault.

  1. High Identification Accuracy

Biometric technology relies on your unique physical attributes like your fingerprint, iris pattern, voice recognition, or even facial characteristics. Most biometric safes on the market are using fingerprints as a way to access them. Since this type of safe demands quick access, fingerprint unlock is the best way to do it.

Every person has a unique fingerprint stamp, which means that every fingerprint is different. If you only save it in the vault, you are the only person who can open it.

So long as you are using a top-quality biometric safe, it won’t make a mistake in scanning the fingerprints. You don’t even need to put your whole finger in the scanner. Try to put a portion of your finger and let the vault scan it. Through digital memory, it will determine that the fingerprint is yours.

  1. No Codes Needed

Nothing can beat a storage space that would not require any codes but still provide the same level of security. The chances of getting locked out of your vault are higher when it is secured by a code.

This is one of the best benefits that a biometric safe can offer. You don’t need to memorize any series of numbers to make sure that you can open your safe. You can even have multiple safes without memorizing anything. Your fingerprint can unlock all of the biometric vaults in your home or office.

  1. Quick Access

Fingerprint safes are often integrated into gun safes. It allows you to access your gun quickly in times of emergency.

Fingerprint technology is also popular on other types of safe since it only takes a moment to open it. You don’t need to find the keys or remember any combinations to open a safe. Scan your fingerprints and you can access your gun immediately.

  1. Easier Access for Multiple People

You can give access to multiple people without duplicating keys. It is more convenient since you only need to record their fingerprints on the system. It has a dedicated memory that would store all the biometrics. As long as they scan their fingers on the biometric safe, it will open automatically.

The removal of fingerprints won’t be an issue. As the primary owner of the safe, your fingerprint will serve as the main controller. You can add or remove them anytime you want.

  1. Better Security

In theory, biometric safes are more secure than keypads and safes that are using keys. Experienced burglars can easily open a lock and key safe. They are using a wide range of techniques to unlock this type of safe.

The same thing goes with keypad safes. Thieves are now using state-of-the-art devices that can guess the combination of the vault.

A biometric safe is not 100% foolproof. But, robbers will have a hard time figuring out how to trick the system. They can use force to open the vault, but it won’t be easy if you are using high-quality safes. They are made from the toughest materials so it would take time for the robbers to open them.

Also, this type of safe usually offers another layer of protection. Even if they managed to find a way to get your fingerprint, they will still need to use a key or code to completely open it.

Tips in Choosing a Biometric Safe

Not all biometric vaults are the same. Although they have the same core security, there are certain characteristics that a particular safe has that you can’t find from others. Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the best biometric vault.

  • Look for a biometric safe that can withstand overrides, hacks, and other security breaches. They are more expensive, but they offer more protection.
  • Fire and water-resistance are both very important. If there’s fire, you should expect water to come right after. It’s better to keep your important belongings protected against fire and water damage.
  • A biometric vault with more digital memory would allow you to store more unique fingerprints. It’s perfect for businesses as it allows you to authorize more people to access the safe.
  • You should find a safe that offers a second or third layer of protection. If the fingerprint security fails, the vault should require you to input a code or use a key to completely open it.
  • The safe should be made from the best quality materials. There’s no point in adding too many security features if the safe can easily be opened by force.

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to get a biometric safe. You should place your valuable items in more secure storage before it’s too late. It might be more expensive than a traditional vault. But, the security features and benefits completely outweigh its cost.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to vaults. You should invest in good quality biometric safes to protect your personal belongings the best way possible.