Your Guide About Biometric Rifle Safe

Burglars and thieves are becoming smarter over the years. Most of them are fully equipped with tools that can open safes and vaults. There won’t be an issue if they will only take your valuable items. But, what would happen if they suddenly decide to find your guns and use them to threaten your family?

You don’t need to worry because, with a biometric rifle safe, all your firearms will not be accessed by these burglars. A biometric safe is fully equipped with security features to make sure that only authorized people can access the contents of the vault.

For gun enthusiasts or even, if you only need them for protection, it is a must-have. If you are still hesitant to invest in a biometric gun safe, here are a few things that you should know.

What is a Biometric Rifle Safe?

A biometric safe is one of the best gun storage that you can use right now. This type of safe uses biometric technology, which will require the owner’s fingerprint to open the safe.

The traditional vault allows you to access your gun through a key or password. A biometric vault uses the same technology as a traditional safe along with a fingerprint scanner. It provides another layer of protection. Even if the burglar or thief has the key or password, they cannot access the gun safe if they don’t have your fingerprint.

Is a Biometric Safe Worth Your Money?

Compared to a traditional vault, a biometric safe is definitely more expensive. You are paying for the biometric technology so it is usually four to five times the price of a regular safe.

Don’t make a decision based on the price. It is better to know what this type of safe can offer before you decide. Here are some of the reasons why a biometric rifle safe is totally worth your money.

  • Better Security: A biometric storage provides more security to your guns. Most of these safes have several layers of protection. Even if the burglar managed to open the safe through keys or a password, they still need to get through the fingerprint scan.
  • Versatility: This type of safe can record different fingerprints. It means that if you want the other people in your house to have access to the safe, you can record their fingerprints as well. Once they swipe their fingers and get recognized by the vault, they can access your guns anytime they want.
  • Digital Memory: There are more advanced safes that even a partial fingerprint can be recognized. It means that even if you don’t put your fingers properly on the scanner, the safe can still recognize that it’s yours.
  • Simple Setup: It is very simple to remove someone from the database of your gun safe. Instead of taking the key from them or changing the code, you can just delete their fingerprints from the safe. Since you are the owner, your fingerprint will serve as the main controller. You can remove or add fingerprints to the database anytime you want.

How to Choose a Biometric Gun Safe

There are biometric safes that are very easy to use. You can also find models and brands with more advanced features.  If you want to find a biometric safe that can provide all the features that you need, here are some of the recommendations that you can follow:

  1. Fireproof and Waterproof Features

You have to remember that your gun safe is not only there to protect you against burglars. You also need to protect your guns from water and fire damage.

Fire can easily destroy anything so if your gun vault is not made to resist high temperatures, your guns would be damaged. The same thing goes with water damage, especially moisture. It is equally destructive as fire and you won’t even notice it until the damage is already severe.

  1. Security

A biometric safe is known for its fingerprint scan. But, it is the most basic gun safe that you can use. Some models would require you to accomplish two or more security checks before you can open the safe.

It can be a combination of a traditional key and fingerprint or a code and fingerprint. You have to remember that the more security checks you need to do to open a safe, the more expensive it would be.

However, it is not advisable to have a combination method for security if you need to access the guns immediately. More advanced safes are only applicable if you want to protect what’s inside. If you need the guns to protect yourself and your family, a simple biometric safe will do the trick.

  1. High Memory Capacity

The memory capacity of your safe would depend on the number of people that would access it. High memory is not required if you plan to put the safe in your house.

  1. Size of the Safe

The overall size of the safe is also an important consideration. You need to know how many rifles or handguns you want to put inside it. If you only have a single handgun, you don’t need a rifle safe since there are smaller gun safes.

You need to know exactly where the rifle safe will be placed. You should check the area and see to it that the safe would fit properly.

  1. Construction Materials

Biometric rifle safes should be made from strong and tough materials. They need to be resistant to corrosion, rust, and scratches. You can use aluminum, but steel provides better durability. This is because steel can withstand heat, moisture, and electricity better compared with aluminum.

The Bottom Line

If you have a gun or rifle in your house, a biometric rifle safe should be your top priority. Getting the ultimate protection is also a must, especially if you have a lot of guns in your house. A biometric safe will make sure that your guns are safe and you can access them as fast as possible.

Don’t wait for burglars and robbers to have access to your firearms. You should invest in a biometric gun safe to give you an additional layer of protection.