Ask the Experts: RV Gun Safety

When it comes to choosing the right gun safe for your RV, there are a number of factors to consider, including size and weight, security features, and fire and water resistance, to name just a few. We did a whole article on this topic in June 2023, which you can find here.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to the needs of each individual. Where are you going? Are there kids traveling with you? What is the size of your RV?

And who better to consult about RV gun safety than RV experts themselves? Join us as we check in with our panel of expert RVers to give us their thoughts on all things RV gun safety.

Introducing our experts

A huge welcome to our panel of RV experts, including:

We posed four questions about RV gun safety to our experts, to help our customers get a better idea of some of the main considerations they need to keep in mind both in terms of RV gun safety in general, and RV gun safes in particular. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Question 1: What are your main concerns with gun safety in your RV?

“The primary concern revolves around ensuring that firearms are handled and stored safely within the confined space of an RV. Also adhering to legal regulations regarding firearm transport and storage. Especially when traveling to Mexico or Canada.” 


“Kids’ access, obviously. There’s almost nowhere in an RV a curious kid can’t clamber up to or climb inside. Storing your gun and ammunition in two different cabinets isn’t good enough. It should be physically impossible for a child to access either firearm or ammo - to wit, a safe!” 


“My main concerns with gun safety in an RV include unauthorized access by children or intruders, ensuring quick access in case of emergencies, and compliance with local firearm storage laws.” 


Question 2: What do you look for in an RV gun safe?

“When choosing an RV gun safe, focus on security, size, and fire protection. The safe should be robustly constructed with effective locking mechanisms. It should also be appropriately sized to accommodate your firearms and accessories. Fire-resistant properties are an added advantage, as are options for secure mounting within the RV.”


“Lightweight! RVs are habitually, forgetfully overloaded. Every pound counts, so cull your armory and shrink your safe to a reasonable size. Leave the ballistic steel cases at home. What about something lightweight - maybe polycarbonate? 

Easy to mount. I’d prefer a safe that I could mount in any orientation. Why are RV storage spaces so weirdly shaped?

Backlit keypad. You can never find those damn light switches in an RV when you need them anyway!” 


“When choosing an RV gun safe, I prioritize secure locking mechanisms, fire-resistant materials, compact size for RV storage, and ease of installation.”


Question 3:What helpful advice do you have for RVers out there who may be looking at purchasing an RV gun safe?

“When selecting an RV gun safe, prioritize security features like robust locks and tamper-resistant construction. Ensure it is appropriately sized to accommodate your firearms and any accessories you plan to store. Comply with all relevant firearm storage laws and regulations.” 


“Don’t put the cart before the horse. Choose your space first; buy the safe second. Here’s where I would look first: Your underbed storage cubby, wardrobe closets, and dinette drawers. Conversely, I would avoid overhead cabinets (they aren’t particularly strong) and pass-through exterior compartments. (And here’s a hint: You can turn regular cabinet doors into lockable ones with a simple quarter-turn cam lock!)”


“For RVers considering an RV gun safe, I recommend researching local firearm storage laws, investing in a reputable brand, consulting with fellow RVers for recommendations, and ensuring it fits your specific firearm(s) and RV space.”


Question 4:What are your biggest RV gun safety tips?

“The primary emphasis is on safely storing firearms within the RV. This entails using a dedicated gun safe or lockbox designed to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring firearms are out of reach and secure. Educate all occupants of the RV about firearm safety and the location of the safe to promote responsible handling and storage.”


“Know the laws. As an RV owner, you may be traveling through different states, and each state has its own rules and regulations. It’s your job to know!

Use trigger locks and foam inserts to safely store your firearms. You don’t want those nasty potholes on I-80 to set off an accidental discharge! 

Bring along some pepper spray as a non-escalation violence deterrent.”


“My biggest RV gun safety tips include always keeping firearms unloaded and in a locked safe, educating all RV occupants about firearm safety, having a clear emergency plan, and regularly practicing safe firearm handling and storage.”


Key takeaways

Reading through our RV experts’ answers, we can definitely see a few key themes emerge around RV gun safety, including:

  • It is your job to understand the rules and regulations around guns between different jurisdictions. Make sure to research this beforehand.
  • Keeping guns safely stored away from children is vital. Make sure your guns are properly stowed in a safe that is impenetrable to both kids and intruders.
  • All RV occupants (both kids and adults) should be educated about gun safety. 
  • When choosing a safe, make sure you choose the right size and weight for your space.
  • Always look for a safe that features robust construction, secure locking mechanisms, and access methods that suit your needs.

A huge thank you to our RV experts Viktoria, Ross, and Alyssia for providing their insights. Make sure you check out their websites for more amazing information on all things RVing!

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