6 Advantages of Using Fire Safe Cabinets

  • by Iria
  • 4 min read

It’s very important to always keep your documents safe. You usually buy filing cabinets to make sure that your important documents won’t be damaged or stolen by anyone.

However, a normal filing cabinet won’t protect your documents from fire. If you are keeping important files and documents, you need fire safe cabinets to keep them safe.

The only issue is most people think that a normal filing cabinet would do the trick. It’s because fireproof cabinets are more expensive. If you think that buying a large fireproof cabinet is not worth your money, you need to know the benefits that it can offer. Here are some of the benefits that fireproof cabinets can offer.

The Benefits of Fire Safe Cabinets

  1. Organize your Documents

Most of you would say that having a soft copy of documents is better than keeping files on your cabinet. But, it is only applicable to some files. More important documents with signatures are very important and you cannot simply scan them for reproduction. The original copy is always required.

Even if you have a copy of the document on your computer, you need a 2-drawer fireproof waterproof file cabinet safe that would keep your documents organized. Having at least two drawers on your cabinet can provide more space to organize the things that you want to put inside. Although a single safe is a good choice, it is not meant to hold multiple documents. It is easier to access your files if they are properly and neatly arranged in a safe filing cabinet.

  1. Protection to Fire

Your files will never be safe if you’re not using fire safe cabinets. A 5-drawer fireproof file cabinet is made to withstand extreme heat. If a fire broke out in your house or around your neighborhood, you won’t have to worry about your files burning.

Fireproof cabinets can prevent the inside of the cabinet from reaching a temperature that would burn the paper inside. If you’re using a normal cabinet, it will only take a moment for the fire to completely burn your documents.

  1. Lower Insurance Rate

Having a fireproof safe in your house can help reduce your monthly insurance premiums. Insurance companies will check everything inside your house and take note of all the possible fire risks. If they see a fireproof safe inside, it would be a plus on your account as it protects your valuables from fire and burglary.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run

When you have valuable things and documents in your house, you usually rent a safe to store them. Most banks offer space rentals where you can place your documents. They cost around a few hundred dollars a month. By getting a fireproof cabinet, you can reduce your spending and save more money.

  1. Protection from Theft

Compared to a normal cabinet, fireproof safes have more protection against theft. Although some cabinets have locks and keys, they are very easy to unlock.

A fireproof safe comes with a high-quality lock and key and it cannot be damaged easily. You can even find some safes with a passcode just like a traditional vault.

  1. Peace of Mind

This is the best benefit that you can get from a 2-drawer fire safe file cabinet. You can go anywhere without worrying about the important documents and valuable items inside your cabinet. You can sleep well knowing that even burglars will have a hard time accessing the items inside.

Buying a Fireproof Cabinet

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits that a fireproof cabinet can offer, it’s time to buy one for yourself. With all the different brands, styles, and models of fireproof safes, you will have a hard time choosing the best one. We can help you understand some of the most important features to look for when buying a fire-safe cabinet.

  • Waterproof Feature

Although fire-safe cabinets are made to protect your documents and other valuables from fire, it doesn’t mean that they can only resist fire. Most of these cabinets are also waterproof. Since the cabinet is completely sealed, your documents are also protected from water damage.

  • Fireproof

You can’t simply buy a cabinet just because it claims that it is fireproof. You need to check if the cabinet can maintain a low internal temperature for a long time. If you are going to keep documents inside, the heat should not exceed 177°C. If you need to keep digital media on the cabinet, the internal temperature should not exceed 120°C.

During a fire, a room will burn for an average of 20 minutes before the fire spreads to the next room. You need a cabinet that can maintain a low temperature for about  30 minutes or more.

  • Weight and Space

Space would depend on the number of documents that you are going to store inside. If you don’t have a lot of papers to keep, you can just get a smaller cabinet to save space in your room.

Weight is very important because a lighter model can be easily moved or carried by thieves. If you want to protect your things from fire and burglary, it is better to get something heavy.

  • Price

Prices vary depending on the brand of the fire safe cabinet. You can find entry-level items for as much as $100, but there are also models that cost around $1,000 or more.

Check the features first before you decide. You can compare the price and the features so you won’t accidentally buy a more expensive model. Some features are not really too important and they only make the item more expensive. Take note of the features that you really want from a cabinet and look for a safe that can offer them. It doesn’t have to be expensive.


You can always skip a fire safe cabinet and just get a normal cabinet. But, can you handle the consequences if a fire suddenly breaks out in your home or neighborhood? Fire safe cabinets are not too expensive and they are a great investment. If you don’t want your important documents and items to burn or be stolen, investing in a fireproof cabinet is the best choice.

Do you think that a fireproof cabinet can give you the ultimate security that you need for your documents? Check all the options available to you and get your own fireproof safe.