5 Best Biometric Rifle Safe Reviews in 2021

Even if the house or apartment is equipped with the strongest front door and reliable locks, it is not worth keeping documents, money, or guns in a conspicuous place. For this, there are safes of all kinds that provide excellent protection. For maximum security and convenience, we recommend a biometric rifle safe.

The most important element of any safe is the lock. No matter how reliable the walls are, the lock is the most vulnerable place. Along with mechanical and electronic locks, the latest and most advanced models have biometric locks.

The most common reason people avoid biometric safes is the higher price. Below, you will find reviews of the best biometric safes on the market. This way, you will be well-prepared and certain about your future. Continue reading below to learn everything about biometric safes.

How reliable are biometric locks?

The development of electronics led to the emergence of new generation locking systems. Including for household use. Electronic invisible locks firmly entered the list of well-selling in the domestic market. The most popular in this segment is the biometric lock. The principle of this mechanism is based on user identification.

Biometric locks do not need a key, a code, or a magnetic card to open. This is their main, but far from their only advantage.

The biometric lock reacts to the papillary pattern (fingerprint) or the pattern of the retina of the human eye. The fact is that each person has unique fingerprints and a unique pattern of the retina. The locking device scans this pattern and remembers it. In the future, to open the door, you just need to put your finger/eye on the scanner. If the scan matches, the door opens.

Advantages and disadvantages

- High security and burglary resistance. An autopsy requires a personal identifier - a fingerprint or retina. The mechanical part of the locking device is no different from that of the rest of the best types of locks. The sensor does not have holes into which a foreign object could be pushed, and it is rather difficult to break it.

- Reliability. The simple design guarantees long-term trouble-free operation.

- Great functionality. As a rule, such locks are equipped with extra systems that increase the reliability and convenience of the entire system. For example, smoke detectors, sensors that show the state of the battery, and so on.

- Possibility of easy connection to the alarm system.

- Ease of use. There is no need to carry the key with you at all times, just touch it with your fingertip and it will open.

Disadvantages include possible identification problems. Most often this happens if the pad of the finger is dirty or the papillary pattern is damaged. The biometric lock will not open if you touch it with a dirty or wet finger. The fingerprint will be considered distorted and is not recognized by the system. But it is much worse if you injure your finger. Because of the scratch, the papillary drawing will be distorted for a long time. True, you can solve this problem if you enter several fingerprints in the lock memory. Most modern biometric locks have the ability to remember dozens of fingerprints.

Another common problem for future buyers is the price. Biometric locks are expensive and this is understandable. These are complex electronic devices that are relatively new on the market. New items in the field of electronics are always expensive.

5 Best Biometric Rifle Safe Reviews in 2021

1. VAULTEK RS200i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe

VAULTEK RS200i is a high-end steel rifle safe capable of holding up to two large rifles and several handguns at a time.

Unlike other biometric safes on the market, this one comes with four access point options. Apart from the obvious scanner, you get a digital lock, manual keys, and a handy Smart Key Nano. With it, you can open the safe with a single click.

VAULTEK RS200i comes with personal optimization options. There are over 15 extra accessories that can be mounted in various places within the safe. Last but not least, the safe comes with a lithium-ion backup battery. It is capable of keeping the safe in operation for over 3 months on low power mode.

2. VAULTEK RS800i Wi-Fi Smart Rifle Safe

VAULTEK RS800i is the larger version of the biometric safe discussed above. Unlike its smaller alternative, it can hold more than 8 rifles at the same time. Plus, it has space for several handguns.

In a similar fashion, the safe comes with four access variants. The most important one is the Smart Key Nano that allows you to open the vault with as much as one click. It is also equipped with the same backup battery that will keep them safe in operation for 3+ months. Last but not least, it is available with the same catalog of accessories.

VAULTEK RS800i is well-known for its Wi-Fi connectivity. With it, you will be updated at all times. The safe has such advanced anti-theft mechanisms. Any temperature or humidity changes around the safe will trigger an alert.

3. Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe

This affordable safe by Moutec is capable of holding from 5 to 7 rifles at a time. Also, it includes space for all equipment and accessories that come with the guns. Its anti-theft mechanism will alert you if somebody fails to enter the wrong unlocking pattern more than 5 times.

The biometric lock is powered by AA batteries but you should not worry about losing power. The mechanism is battery-efficient. In case you miss the time to change batteries, you will have a physical key to unlock it.

This Moutec safe is a fantastic choice for home use. There is no way that your kids or an outsider will find a way to open it.

4. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Judging by the name, this has to be a quick-access safe, right? It is true, you will be able to get your hands on your guns within three seconds.

This is a fairly priced compact option for people who need a smaller safe for fewer guns. It can hold up to two large rifles equipped with scopes. It comes with an extra top shelf capable of holding a handgun or other similar-sized items.

Like most other safes, this one is also powered by AA batteries. Fortunately, it is not power-consuming. In case of emergencies, you will have a backup key to open it.

Last but not least, the safe is capable of remembering 120 fingerprints. Our recommendation is to enter each finger in different positions at least several times individually.

5. Bonnlo Rifle Safe

This safe comes entirely pre-assembled. All you will have to do is put it in the right place and enter your fingerprint in the biometric system. If this access mode fails at some point, you will have two physical keys and the option to open it with a digital code.

This safe is capable of remembering up to 30 fingerprints. Equipped with LED lights, it can hold up to five regular-sized rifles although you can probably fit more. In case you have a handgun you need to put inside, you can use the additional top shelf.

This is not the type of safe you want for an office. If you are on a budget, however, we recommend the Bonnlo rifle safe.

What is the best biometric handgun safe?

Handguns are a much more common choice for home protection than rifles. If you need a smaller biometric safe that can hold one or more handguns but no large rifles, these are our recommendations.

1. VAULTEK VT20i Rugged Bluetooth Smart Safe (Biometric)

Few biometric safes can compare to Vaultek VT20i when it comes to storing a single handgun. It is equipped with the latest tech modifications. Additionally, it comes with impressive protective features both on the outside and inside.

The safe is made from 16-gauge carbon steel. It includes several anti-impact latches and extra interior protection. If you consider anti-theft protection a must, this safe has anti-pry bars that will stop any such attempt. In turn, it can remember up to 20 fingerprints which makes it suitable for family use.

With the quick access scanner, you can get your gun within seconds. The safe is also accessible through a Bluetooth connection with the VAULTEK Smart App. Unfortunately, this feature is not as convenient as it sounds. You cannot open it unless you are within Bluetooth range. However, this is the only downside to the whole biometric safe package.

One of the greatest features of all Vaultek safes is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As already mentioned, it can keep the safe in operation foAlso 3 months at a time. In addition, recharging it takes less than 3 hours.

Last but not least, you can purchase the safe with a battery upgrade or additional non-absorbent foam. It will protect your handgun from scratches.

2. Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

Sometimes people need a safe that can protect more than just guns. The Viking VS-25BL looks like any common safe you will find in hotels and offices. Yet, it is equipped with high-tech features. It can remember up to 32 fingerprints which makes it suitable for multiple people. In case the fingerprint scanner fails at some point, the safe can still be opened with a pin code.

Here are the most important features. First of all, the fingerprint scanner allows quick access within a second. At the same time, the anti-theft protection will put the safe in a time-out state in case there are several incorrect entries of the code/scan.

Extra features include programmable sounds, LED lighting, and audio warnings if you forget the safe door open.

3. Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe (Biometric)

The Vaultek NMXi biometric safe is perfect for families with more than one gun. Depending on your needs, this safe can be customized to keep up to 8 handguns.

It is equipped with the latest anti-theft protection features. You can rest assured that no kid or outsider will be able to open it. Apart from the fingerprint scanner, it comes with four extra access options. It features an 8-digit backlit keypad, additional manual keys, and the company's Smart Key Nano.  When you use it, it will open the safe with a single click. The last quick access option is available through the free Vaultek phone app.

We recommend using the app as it also monitors the life status of the safe. The management tools include battery life, history logs, interior light customization, and more.

Like any Vaultec safe, this one is also customizable depending on the number of guns you plan to store with accessories sold separately.

Are fingerprint safes secure?

Biometric locks are the most secure option for the protection of your guns. The technology is as simple as it is intricate. When you put your finger on the scanner to unlock the smart lock, the sensor scans the image of your papillary drawing. Especially if you have kids in the house, we recommend fingerprint safes. No kid will be able to open it without a fingerprint scan.

Of course, biometric safes often come with manual keys or digital code entry features. Yet, with a fingerprint lock, you can keep those hidden. Furthermore, biometric safes provide the quickest way to access within seconds.

Final Words

A biometric rifle safe is currently the most reliable option on the market. If you are still worried about the higher cost of these products, consider the potential emergencies.  These are the moments when fast access is of key importance. You can forget about keys and access codes, which are often a problem. Last but not least, biometric safes cannot be opened by a child who thinks that weapons are a toy.

The biometric safes market is not yet as abundant. Yet, more and more companies come up with new products. With this article, you now know how to choose the right one. If we had to choose one brand, we would recommend Vaultek. Their safes are equipped with the most advanced biometric systems on the market today.