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Impressive Little Safe

I'm not quite sure how to review a safe; it's one of those things that you ignore when it works, and is very difficult to "test". However, after learning about the particular industry differences between a proper *DATA* safe and a general purpose fireproof safe, I was keen to get the right product. A usual "fireproof" safe will not stay cool enough and dry enough inside during a fire to protect magnetic media. This safe will protect a removable hard disk for an hour in a fire.

Although it's a relatively small safe (in that a reasonable fit person can move it by hand, and it would fit under a desk), it seems to built to the same standards as their much larger brethren, quite solid with smooth hinges and smooth locking action. The high security key cylinder is a nice touch. It's constructed in such a way that even if the hinges were defeated, the door would remain locked.

If you need to open the inner door a full 90-degrees, you'll want to make sure you have a location for the safe where the outer door has freedom to open quite past 90-degrees, since the outer door is quite thick.

In any case, it's fully recommended. It feels as solid as a tank.

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