Fully load your RS Series

Available Safes


RS800i Plus


RS500i Plus


RS200i Plus

Available Accessories

Works with all RS models:

LED Light

Pistol/AR Magazine Rack A

Pistol/AR Magazine Rack B

Single Pistol Rack

Three Pistol/AR Magazine Rack

Twin Magazine Rack

Handgun Magazine Rack

Rifle Magazine Storage

Barrel Mount

Barrel Mount with Velcro Strap

Barrel Mount Extension

Barrel Mount Extension (Pegged)

Spring Loaded AR Mount

Wide Barrel Mount with Velcro strap

Works with RS800i

2/3 Width Shelf

Full Width Shelf

Single Pistol Rack

Twin Pistol Rack

Magazine Rack

Works with RS500i

Base Plate

75% Width Shelf

Full Width Shelf

Works with RS200i

Available Bundles

All RS Models - Rifle Accessory Bundle

RS800i – Pistol Accessory Bundle

RS800i – AR Accessory Bundle

RS500i – AR Accessory Bundle

RS500i – Pistol Accessory Bundle

Door Mounts

RS500i - Front Door Accessory Mount

RS200i - Front Door Accessory Mount

Battery Life

Power Pack

Nano Keys

Nano Key Biometric

Accessories Help

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