7 Reasons To Use Fire Resistant File Cabinet

Why do I need a fire resistant file cabinet when nowadays I can protect my documents online or in a bank? This is a common question that new business owners ask in the beginning. The digital age we live in revolutionized the business world but for now, few offices can prove that their work is paperless.

It is true that in most cases, a file cabinet is not the most stylish purchase.  It doesn't always fit in the office environment. Speaking from experience, it could end up being the smartest investment a business owner could make. In this article, we will give you 7 reasons why you need to use one in your office. Continue reading below to understand the importance of using such cabinets.

7 Reasons to Use a Fire-Resistant File Cabinet

1. Cloud services are not as safe

More and more businesses turn to cloud services for the protection of documents and data. While there are good options available, you can't leave all your files in an online system. These cloud services are more vulnerable than they dare to admit. From hackers to server crashes, the risk of losing important files exists. 

This does not mean that you shouldn’t utilize the modern cloud options but it is never bad to have double protection. Thus, we recommend keeping the original copies in a fire-resistant file cabinet. This way, you are guaranteed to never lose anything even if your cloud protection fails because of a hacker attack or a system shut down. 

2. Digital protection is expensive

Businesses will one day likely be paperless but this time has not yet come. Going digital can improve your line of work in many ways but even if it was as safe as it should, it is expensive. Cloud storages for larger enterprises are costly. It is okay to go partly digital but your most important documents and data should be kept on site. Nothing can beat the level of protection of a cabinet that has been graded and tested for fire.

3. Protection against fire and even explosions

A fireproof file cabinet will protect your documents from high-temperature exposures. Few people know that file cabinets or safes are also tested with explosives. Not that an explosion is a rare occurrence but in today’s world, you never know. 

As for incidents with fire, this file cabinet will be able to keep your files protected for at least two hours before the heat can penetrate them. Some high-end products can even last longer.

4. Protection against water

If there is a fire in your office, this always means that water will be used to put it out. Traditional file cabinets or safes are rarely waterproof. In turn, a high-end file cabinet will not only be fire-resistant but also waterproof. Water will not be able to get into the cabinet and ruin your documents in a way that most people forget is possible. 

5. Limited Access

You do not want your documents falling in the wrong hands, right? Access must be available only to the right personnel. This way, only you and the people you select will be the only ones with access. This decreases the possibility of thefts to the minimum.

6. Standard safes and file cabinets do not provide the necessary protection

Once again, we focus on the insurances that fire-resistant file cabinets bring. Standard models do not have the capabilities to withstand extreme temperatures. They are also rarely waterproof. We mentioned that a fireproof one should be able to keep your documents and belongings protected for at least two hours. 

A standard file cabinet will not be able to last even one. They are not equipped with the necessary heat-resistant layers on the interior. Moreover, they will not be able to stop the water from the emergency sprinklers. 

7. Client's Safety and Privacy

Depending on the business you own, you might be the one entitled to keep your client's documents safe. In such cases, you need to provide the best service. Keeping your customer’s data in a well-protected file cabinet will give them another reason to continue working with you. If they feel like their files are safe, you are doing your job right.

How to choose the right file cabinet?

When choosing the right cabinet, you need to consider several factors. The most important factor, of course, is that you choose one that is fireproof. Unfortunately, cheaper options are rarely as good as advertised. If you want to be sure, you will have to spend that extra dollar.

  1. Start with the free space you have in your office. Where do you plan to put it? Will you need a small one with two to three drawers, a large one, or several? You can choose between lateral and vertical cabinets as the main feature of the design before you choose the actual size. Some people prefer vertical as they take less space and are easier to access. Others prefer lateral as these cabinets are not so obvious to the untrained eye and are easier to hide.
  1. Next, you should consider the locking mechanism. There are different types of file cabinets. Each of those will be more suitable for a different set of needs.

For example, some cabinets have one lock that locks and unlocks all drawers. This is the type you will need if you will be storing only personal things or only business-related documents.

Other types have individual drawers with separate keys. These are more suitable if more than one person will be storing his personal documents or belongings. Another example is if you plan to keep your client's files in separate places.

Final Thoughts

Seven good reasons to get and use a fire resistant file cabinet should be more than enough to convince even the most unbelieving or frugal individual. There is nothing more important for a business than keeping all official documents and data safe. Incidents can happen and believe us, fires are much more common than you know.

Even with the modern digital alternatives for data protection, we are far from reaching that environmentally friendly paperless office dream. With this step, your next step should be to find the most suitable file cabinet for your office. Browse through the available options and take your office security to the next level.