The Ultimate Guide About Tactical Walls

The FBI revealed that more than a million burglaries occur in the United States yearly. You can’t put a price on your safety. As a responsible homeowner, it’s your task to protect your house and family. 

Tactical Walls is a brand that can help with that goal. This guide offers detailed information on their products. You’ll see why these items are a better choice than safes. The article also discusses materials, maintenance, and other relevant stuff related to concealment pieces. Here is what you should know about these unique creations!

What Are Tactical Walls?

The name Tactical Walls refers to a brand. The company launch occurred in 2013, and that’s when the first product hit the market. The idea was simple – offer an aesthetically pleasing solution while considering functional and safety factors.

A concealment item looks nothing different than any other furniture piece. If you look at the shelf, it will seem standard. But if you find the secret trigger on the bottom side, you’ll open a secret compartment. That’s where you’ll find firearms. It ensures you can access them in seconds when necessary.

Customers reacted well to the first product. That allowed the brand to continue developing new items. Today, they have an entire collection of concealment items. The hiding function remains a priority. You can have firearms nearby for quick access while still keeping them in a safe spot.

It’s worth noting that the company operates in the USA. The handmade design process and a veteran-owned business are a combination that brings durable products. The brand maintains a high quality to meet customer expectations.

Why You Need to Conceal Weapons In Your House

Nobody likes the idea of someone invading their house. The statistics show that household members are home in at least one out of every four burglaries. If you are ready and have a plan, it’s possible to get out safe from those situations.

You can’t hold your gun out in the open. It’s dangerous, especially if you have children around. It can also scare the guests away. That’s why homeowners decide to store it away from eyesight.

The need might come that you need your firearm. It won’t be worth much if you need a lot of time to get the weapon. That’s why it’s imperative you can reach it quickly. Furniture pieces and fixtures where you store guns ensure fast access if you need them.

Are Concealing Items Better Than a Safe?

Safes remain a secure place to store special items. The majority has a durable design difficult to break and a lock that’s hard to open. If you need to access your safe to get firearms, you’ll probably need at least ten seconds. 

Furthermore, you probably put the item in a secluded space or distant room. If a home invasion happens, each second is crucial. You won’t have time to lose, and getting to your safe for a firearm could take effort.

Concealing furniture has significant advantages compared to safes, including:

  • Speed of access. You can get to the firearm quickly. There’s no need to enter a code or resort to demanding opening procedures. The weapon could be in your hands in seconds.
  • Simplicity. You don’t have to think about the perfect location for your safe. The point of concealing furniture is to hide firearms in plain sight.
  • Convenience. The range of concealing items ensures they fit any room and décor. Regardless of the desired position in the house, it will be easy to find a suitable furniture piece.

What Materials Are the Primary Choices for These Items?

The manufacturer uses different materials for various gun storage solutions. Here is an overview of the usual substance choices:

  • Wood. Pine and furniture grade birch plywood is the primary selection. These ensure optimal durability and maintain a high aesthetic level.
  • Plastic. This material is durable and light to provide maximum value. The brand ensures to source ABS plastic from the United States.
  • High-density polyethylene. If you choose MOD Wall products made by this company, this will be the primary material choice.
  • Magnetic locks. The brand picked special neodymium magnets to secure maximum strength. That means regular magnetic products won’t turn on the latches.

What Concealment Items Can You Pick?

The brand has a collection with a wide range of products for your home. Some are large fixtures that also have a functional role. Other items are accessories that will improve the overall room’s décor. Look at the product overview and find your favorite below!


This was the first product type that the brand launched. It turned out to be a huge success, which is why they perfected the offer over the years. The dominant product is the bundle package. It includes a mirror that acts as a cover for the inserts where you keep firearms. And even if you already have a safe, TW has a solution. You can order only a cover and mount it inside. That makes this option more affordable while allowing you to use the items you already own.

Do You Want a Short-Length or Full-Length Mirror?

You might have a small bathroom or need a vanity mirror. That makes the short-length option the perfect choice. You’ll have a single compartment inside the fixture to store your firearms.

The alternative is to go with a full-length mirror option. This gives you a view of the entire figure. It also ensures more space in the hidden compartments. You can store firearms and any other items you want out of sight. 

The mirrors feature furniture-grade birch plywood. Depending on the desired setup, the magnet quantity can vary. As for the inserts, the brand uses ABS plastic sourced in the United States.

Pick from Sliding and Hinged Options

The initial thing to note is that recessed installation is necessary for any TW mirror. That means you’ll need a hole in your wall where the secret compartments will go. You can choose between hinged and sliding doors for your setup.

Hinged mirrors are more convenient for compact spaces. If you go with a sliding setup, you’ll need to secure extra 17.5 inches of wall space. That’s a problem if there are picture frames, switches, outlets, and other items in the way. Make sure there’s enough room, and you might find the sliding solution more elegant.

Who Says It Has to Be a Mirror at All?

It’s nice that TW looks at how to expand its product selection to meet different customer preferences. A mirror with a hidden gun shelf is a smart solution for the bathroom. But what if you love the idea of the concealed compartment but don’t want a mirror? The brand also offers a chalkboard, custom canvas, and a dry erase board as cover options. It makes these installations more versatile and suitable for different house areas.

The manufacturer provides many finish options. They range from classic white and black to Dutch Walnut and Early American. You can even leave it raw if you like it. If you choose a safe, you’ll receive a magnetic key that will make it easy to open the hidden compartment.


The odds are that every house will have at least a single hanging item on the walls. These are convenient because they offer extra storage space. They also add to the overall aesthetics and boost the room’s décor. You can place them in any area – from living rooms and bedrooms to garages and workshops.

The main material for these concealment shelves is 9-ply birch plywood. There’s also a mixture of other hardwoods but no cheap options like OSB and fiberboard. You get keys to unlock the secret compartment with magnets. If you want to open it, all it takes is to place the keys into the designated locations. The pneumatic strut will lower the bottom half smoothly.

You’ll find three options in this series:

  • Single-shelf. This is a compact model and a small accessory in plain sight in any room. You can keep the plant on top and a single gun inside the shelf. It only takes 17x5 inches of space, and it’s suitable for compact spaces.
  • Double-shelf. This variation features a double width compared to the previous piece. It allows storing two guns.
  • Full-length shelves. The total width is 50 ¾ inches, which means you have a spacious hidden compartment. There’s also generous room on the surface for plants, fixtures, and other desired items.

A Wide Range of Finishes and Trims

The style of the concealment shelf should fit the décor and your taste. The manufacturer offers nine different finishes, including white, black, cherry, and combinations. You can also pick black or stain matching rope trims if they meet your preferences.

You can order two additional accessories with your shelf:

  • LED light. The sensor activates when someone is near the shelf. It is convenient when you don’t want to activate the main light. 
  • Hide-a-mag. It is an accessory that can secure additional room for more firearms.

The installation is not much different from mounting a regular hanging shelf. You’ll get the necessary hardware and the instruction manual. Following the steps will ensure the setup goes smoothly.

A Wall Clock

It’s easy to check the time these days. All it takes is checking your TV, smartphone, or computer. If you wear a hand watch, you only need to look at your wrist. Despite all that, wall clocks remain popular in many interior styles. From traditional to modern decors, these items are the perfect accessory for a bedroom or another living area.

A wall clock is a concealment item that nobody would suspect. Any person entering the room will notice it but think it’s just an accessory. It all changes if you know what to do when you get close to the product. If you push its “12 o’clock” position, you’ll notice the bottom comes outside. From there, you remove the face to access gun storage. The magnetic retention will make it easy to grab your firearms when necessary.

Concealment Art

If you are a firearm fan, this artwork is a smart pick. It’s a cover option that you can use to conceal your gun shelf. TW made sure to craft, paint, and print these solutions by hand. That’s why you’ll notice slight imperfections characteristic to products that machines didn’t make. It’s a beautiful touch, and genuine wood will fit most decors well.

The company used unique drawing patents for Glock 1917 and 1911. You can pick between blueprint and charcoal color options. Either way, you get storage with three compartments. It’s enough to keep your firearms, but also magazines and other precious items. You use magnetic locking to open the hidden space and access your weapons.

While this product is a nice touch, it might not appeal to everyone. Unless you are passionate about weapons, you won’t appreciate the drawing patterns as a cover. Those who love guns will appreciate the hidden compartments behind this setup. It’s the next step of hiding in plain sight. Not only do you keep weapons close, but you even give a hint to where they are. The concealed compartments keep the items hidden well. No one will even assume you have actual firearms in that area.

A Concealment Flag for a Patriotic Feeling

Your hidden gun safe could also be inside a flag cover. Apart from the actual design, patriots will appreciate that combat veterans handmade these solutions. You can pick between subdued and traditional appearance.

The crafters paint the flag on pinewood. The total dimensions are 16.5x32x3 inches. You’ll need to secure an additional 13.5 inches to the left side. That’s because the only available option to open the concealed compartments is to use the sliding door. They only move to the left, and that opens three hidden shelves. The magnetic locking works like a charm and ensures that the weapon remains safe.

Issue Boxes

The “issue box” might be TW’s most creative solution. It’s actually an accessory where you hold tissues. You never know when you need those. Perhaps you or your family members went emotional watching a movie. It can also be convenient if you spill some water.

But this is no ordinary tissue box. It contains a hidden compartment where you can place a handgun and magazines. If you remove the product’s top part, you’ll have access to your firearms. This can be fast and convenient for home invasion situations. Please note that there’s no locking mechanism. Make sure that this solution complies with local regulations and is safe for other household members and visitors.

Barn Doors

TW designed this solution for those who prefer traditional decors. You can put it in the workshop or an actual barn. It’s also a good option for basements and any area where a rustic look would fit. The measurements are 17x32x3.75 inches, and the product has a sliding door. They open to the left and require additional 13.25 inches of space.

The basic features for concealment items are present. The company made sure to use high-quality wood and N52 magnets for maximum safety. You’ll notice three compartments in the setup. That gives enough space to store all desired weapons.

These barn doors don’t require a hole in your wall. Instead, you mount them directly, which is convenient. The cast-iron handle with a rustic appearance is a nice touch. If you feel like it’s compromising the concealment level, you can leave it off.

Are Concealment Storage Items Hard to Install and Maintain?

The installation process shouldn’t be difficult. DIY experts can handle most setups themselves. The instruction manuals are helpful and show clear steps to completing the setup. The manufacturer also provides the hardware.

As for the maintenance, the hidden compartments don’t require any special effort. Always keep the magnetic key openers in a safe place. The experts recommend holding them close to the gun storage for easy access. 

If you take firearms out to use or clean them, return them safely to their position. You should maintain shelves and other visible parts depending on the material. The instructions will contain details on how to clean wood, ABD plastic, and other components.

Is It Legal to Store Firearms in Concealment Furniture?

A permit is necessary to own weapons. The actual laws of having firearms might vary on the location. It’s necessary to check the local regulations first. If they allow guns, the next step is to ensure you have valid documentation. That includes your license and also a certificate that the weapon is legal.

Please note that not all concealment storage options come with a locking mechanism. Wall clocks and issue boxes made by TW don’t have one. You can open them by pressing them in the right place. Local jurisdictions might require special considerations to keep your firearms. Your hidden gun storage should comply with relevant regulations.

Another vital safety tip is to consider who has access to your gun storage. That’s crucial if it lacks a lock. You don’t want a child or anyone not suitable to operate a weapon to find it. Always take the necessary actions to keep firearms secure from unwanted access.

Where Should You Hide Valuables in Your House?

The concealment shelves are excellent for storing your weapons. They guarantee fast access if an unexpected situation occurs. But what about other valuable items – where to store them?

These are expert tips when it comes to hiding precious things:

  • A false DVD or VHS tape. The burglars might browse through these, but they won’t have time to check each individually. Use a false carton in the DVD collection to store cash. Most thieves will find they’ll lose too much time if they open each box.
  • Use house plants. You can find a waterproof liner that can go inside the plant. The burglars might turn the pot over, but they won’t find anything.
  • A false bottom drawer. These are something thieves will check, but that’s what you want. The idea is to pick a deep drawer and create a false bottom. The depth difference shouldn’t be obvious. Place money or valuable items, and add another wood strip on top.
  • Create a fake wall outlet. This is only for show, so make sure the socket isn’t live. It also shouldn’t cause a problem with the existing wiring.

Critical Home Invasion Tips

Your first task is to stop the thieves from even choosing your house. While you can’t eliminate the risk completely, here’s how to reduce it:

  • Outdoor lighting. Whether it remains on all night or uses motion-sensor activation, make sure the outdoor area has optimal illumination. Anyone passing by will see the yard well, and that includes the neighbors. Thieves avoid these homes because someone might notice them during the invasion.
  • Make it obvious you are there. You can keep a TV or the light in the living room active.
  • Lock doors and windows. Adding further protection is possible with unlocking systems that require a code. You can also install an alarm and home security systems.

What to Do During the Invasion

What if a home invasion is happening? If thieves still went through and entered your property, these tips could help:

  • Have a plan. Preparation is the key. Analyze any points where the thieves could come in, and know what you will do.
  • Decide on a “safe room.” This is an area where you and the family will go if you notice someone entering. Apart from locking it, place the required survival items inside. That could include a hidden gun shelf, but also a phone to call the police.
  • Develop a special code for these situations. You can use something related to burglaries, such as “escape plan” or “time for action.” It’s important that all household members understand the code immediately. You can even practice going to the safe room.
  • Don’t be too brave. If you have a safe room, the brave thing is to stay with your family. If you took the gun from the hidden shelf, go to the corner opposite of the door. Other household members shouldn’t be visible if the intruders enter. Being in the opposite corner will give you time to see them and decide whether to shoot.
  • Wait for the police. Even if you don’t hear anything for minutes, be patient. Some burglars might want you to come out to attack you.

Final Thoughts

Tactical Walls has been around for less than a decade. That didn’t stop the brand from becoming a customer favorite when it comes to hidden weapon storage solutions.

The product categories range from shelves to mirrors and accessories. The selection ensures the hidden compartments meet any style and décor. Don’t hesitate to check out the entireTW collection. Pick your favorite and secure a long-term solution for safe and attractive gun storage.