Small Fireproof Safes That Rise Above the Rest

Small Fireproof Safes That Rise Above the Rest

When individuals aspire to protect their items of value and importance, they tend to leave no stone unturned. The major concerns they address are, ‘Is it burglar proof, and is it fireproof?’ They want to purchase their small fireproof safes from a reputable, authorized dealer. Hollon safes, (Oyster series) available through Armadillo Safes, best address these concerns.

Small fireproof safes are ideal for protecting documents, cash, and small valuables, but some users contend that fireproof safes that are rated appropriately tend to lack the necessary burglar proof requirements. That philosophy may be true with some safes, but there are models that exceed the standards, such as the Hollon Oyster series available through Armadillo Safes.

Choosing the Best

Fireproof home safes have had a reputation of being easy to break into because many are built with 16-18 gauge steel around the unit, and once this is breached the contents are open game for the intruder. Hollon fireproof safes meet the rigorous standards of 2 hour fire test at 1700° externally, 350° internally, withstanding a 30 foot drop impact test and are water resistant. The extra mile from Hollon is the addition of the 1 inch thick locking bar which extends from the top to the bottom of the unit. This means that even if the hinges are cut off, the door will still not be able to be removed to allow entry. Hollon steps it up even further with glass relocks as a deterrent when facing drilling attacks.

Location, Location, Location

How and where the safe is placed is important. It determines the size of the safe needed, whether it should be secured with bolting, and the best entry type for access. The primary focus should be anticipating what a criminal will do. A thief will generally go to the master bedroom first. From there they will gravitate to what they expect is easy access for the home owner. Guns tend to be kept in night stands, small fireproof safes are in the walk in closet, or possibly in armoire.

If the location of the safe is dark, a biometric entry is ideal. It allows the user quick access by simply using fingerprints for units located under the bed or hidden in linen closets behind towels. Eye level safes in closets, or mounted in the wall are optimal places for a dial or digital entry. The average person may not easily get into the mindset of a burglar, so working with a reputable dealer links the buyer into the wealth of knowledge and best practices in placing and anchoring safes that experienced dealers can offer.

Anchoring safes, whether a large gun safe or a small fireproof safe is the recommended way to maximize the burglar proof effectiveness. Thieves would rather take what they can to a private location and work at entering the safe at their leisure. Reputable dealers will offer delivery and installation to buyers. Anchoring into the foundation or structural studs is best as an added deterrent against criminals. Qualifying safes for any home should include making sure the safe has anchoring holes pre drilled.



Worth Considering

Hollon FB450E

The Hollon Oyster series offers the user excellent options for a small fireproof safe. Hollon FB-450C qualifies with a dial entry. This is ideal for a safe with adequate lighting to give the user the ability to enter it with ease. The FB-450E is the same safe with the same protection as the 450-C, this unit is offered with the digital keypad. This allows the owner to position the safe in an out of the way place, but easy to open with the convenient keypad for easy access. The Hollon FB-845WC comes equipped with a digital entry and is engineered with a heavy duty vault style door and hinge assembly. The FB-845WC is ideal for your closet, garage or crawl space. The FB-845WC, along with all the Hollon Oyster series, gives their owners peace of mind and assurance that their valuables and important documents are as safe from fire and burglar assault in their home, as they would be under lock and key at the bank.

Common throughout purchasing game plans is to reach out to professionals and get expert opinions on unique situations. The best dealers will offer their school of thought as a free service, and they should be eager to help qualify any level of buyers.