Phoenix Fireproof File Cabinets Features

Fire is the most common disaster to befall businesses,forcing nearly half of those affected to close forever.
Vital records and data can burn up in minutes, irreplaceable through insurance.

You can't predict fire, but you can plan for it with Phoenix files — durably built to endure the harshest fires, attractively designed to fit many décors, readily available in the sizes you need and guaranteed to preserve your past and your future.

Meet the future of fire and water protection with World Class files from Phoenix. True to its name, the World Class line blends the best of all Phoenix has to offer — rugged endurance to withstand the toughest disasters, eye-catching styles that fit in anywhere and the features you need to personalize your protection.

World Class files are built to the specifications you want, available in legal, letter and lateral size models. And of course, World Class files stand up to the harshest fires and the water that puts them out. Each file is rated to protect your documents from intense fires, while a labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses.


Phoenix World Class fire files work from the inside out to safeguard your records. Here are some of the individual parts that add up to unparalleled protection for your paper documents and digital media (CDs, DVDs, USBs and memory sticks) from fire, water and theft:

  1. Solid, one-piece steel construction of the outer body provides superb durability
  2. High-sided drawers and adjustable rails allow hanging-folder filing
  3. Movable dividers accommodate standard folder filing in vertical files
  4. Key-operated plunger lock ensures privacy
  5. Proprietary Styronite insulation ensures a world-recognized certification of Class 350 – 1-hour fire protection from Europe’s prestigious SP Institute; files are also explosion- and impact-resistant
  6. Independently insulated drawers protect closed compartments if one is left open
  7. Inner steel jackets prevent access from unlocked compartments and insulation from touching your documents
  8. Labyrinth sealing system and special gaskets prevent water damage from fire-hose spray or sprinklers
  9. Lock-bypass mechanism allows selected drawers to remain unlocked, even when the file is locked




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    Damaged from shipping

    Safe appears to be very well built, think the bolts could be a little more solid. Safe arrived with a dent in it and a corner of the safe had a small crack in the metal which I am concerned about. Considering it is a fire rated safe also makes me question the durability of the safe knowing the metal became compromised from what appears to be minimal shipping damage.

    Vaultek RS500i

    The price was great and the safe arrived in great shape along with accessories that were purchased. Quick turnaround on the order. Definitely will be doing business again with Armadillo.

    Bet good product

    You Get What you Pay for, So Very True

    This safe is spectacular....... After a long search and a great deal of research, I can't be happier with my decision. Your not going to be able to cut this monster is half with a circular saw, I actually watched a utube video of someone performing that on the first safe I purchased from Wal-Mart which I quickly return the same day it arrived ($149.00). The Continental is a beast. To say I would recommend this for any home owner is an understatement. I Thank you. Enjoy the Day.....

    Beautiful product and excellent service!

    Gorgeous watch box, built beautifully with amazing attention to detail and finishing. And a special shoutout to the support team for answering my questions and keeping me appraised on the details of the back order. Five star service!!