9 Tips For Storing Hollon Gun Safes

Hollon is a leading name in the safe industry, and Hollon gun safes are some of the best around. Great for gun owners and firearm collectors, they can offer premium protection. They're designed to keep your weapons safe from fires, theft, and other threats. 

But after buying a Hollon safe, you have to think about how and where to use it. This guide will cover some key pieces of advice to help you get the most out of your safe. Read on for essential tips that could prolong the life of your firearms and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

Expert Advice to Get the Best Results from Hollon Gun Safes

1. Proper Placement of Your Safe Is Key

This is very important, as different locations offer different benefits. Some people like to put the safe in the garage, others prefer a bedroom or basement.

  1. A garage is a good option. Some people worry "Will guns rust in a safe in the garage?" There is a risk of moisture damage, but if you use a dehumidifier, you can reduce the risk. The garage is also a good spot to minimize the chances of fire damage. 
  2. The basement is a reliable place to store a safe too. It usually has a concrete floor, which helps with supporting the weight of the safe. Basements are also out of sight of thieves and criminals. But they may be prone to leaks, and some safes aren't capable of resisting floods and water damage.
  3. Bedrooms let you get easy access to your guns if and when you need them. They also make it easier for the owner to keep an eye on the safe and maintain it. But you have to think about getting the safe up the stairs and making sure the floor is strong enough to support it. Also, bedrooms are more at risk of fire damage.

2. Consider Bolting the Safe Down

One method that many gun-safe owner users use to reduce the risk of theft is to actually bolt the safe in place. This is a good option if you have concrete floors and work well in places like basements and garages. Any thief that spots the safe will be unable to move it if it is bolted in place. 

But don't simply bolt the safe without carrying out the proper checks and preparation. You first need to make sure that your floor is able to support the safe's weight. Check the weight of the safe you want to buy and speak with professionals if needed to get your floor checked. You may need to add joists and support structures to bolt the safe securely in place.

3. Clean Your Guns Before Storing Them

Before you place any guns inside your Hollon safe, make sure that they're clean. Firearms have a tendency to attract dirt, dust, and moisture. They can also get covered in fingerprints, which may contain salts and oils from the skin of the user. All of this can damage the items over the long term. It can also lead to moisture build-ups inside the safe which may damage other items too. 

Take some time to clean your weapons thoroughly before storing them inside the unit. Make use of an ammonia-free cleaner to get rid of fingerprints and oils. Use proper gun cleaning suppliers to get rid of other marks and dirt. Use wax on wood stocks and other wooden items. All of this can help to extend the lives of your collection.

4. Clean the Safe Too

As well as cleaning weapons, it's important to clean your safe too. Hollon gun safe prices can be quite high for the more advanced and protective models. These safes are a big investment for many people. It makes sense, therefore, to look after them in order to extend their lifespans and improve their efficiency.

In general, experts recommend cleaning a safe once a month. You should get rid of any dirt and dust from the outside of the safe. Pay attention to edges, cracks, and little nooks where dirt can build up. Using a soft cloth to wipe away dust and marks. You should also oil the lock bolts to prevent any jams or issues when trying to open the safe in the future. You may also want to consider professional servicing for your safe. This is when a specialist safe expert visits your property and inspects the safe to make sure it's clean and working correctly.

5. Try to Reduce Humidity Inside the Safe

Moisture can be a big danger to your guns. If humidity levels get too high, condensation and water vapor can gather around the weapons themselves. This can lead to rust developing and the items starting to degrade. This is very bad news for your weapons, so it's vital to try and reduce humidity levels. There are a few different ways in which you can do this with your Hollon safe. 

You can invest in a hygrometer. This will keep track of the humidity level and let you know when it gets too high. You can also fit a dehumidifier into the safe to get rid of excess moisture in the air. Another option is to use simple silica gel packets. These little items can be sprinkled around inside the safe. The silica works by absorbing excess moisture and dampness. It can protect your firearms against condensation, rust, and mold too.

6. Avoid Overcrowding

When you look for a Hollon gun safe for sale, pay attention to the capacity. Think about how many guns you own and if you plan on buying more in the future. Consider how much space you need to store your full collection. Try to find a safe that has enough capacity to comfortably store every weapon, with room for air to flow around them. Otherwise, you might have to deal with overcrowding in your safe. 

This occurs when items are all piled on top of each other. It can make it hard for the air to flow around, which can make rust more likely. It also makes it more likely for your guns to get nicked or chipped as you move them around and take them in or out. Weapons that are packed together can impact each other, causing scratches and superficial damage.

7. Don't Use Cases

A common mistake that gun owners sometimes make is storing their weapons in cases and safes at the same time. This is not only unnecessary but can also be risky too. If you put your gun in a case and then inside a safe, it's hard for air to circulate around it. Moisture can get trapped on and around the gun. This can lead to rust and corrosion. 

It's important to let air flow all around the exterior of the weapon. So place your guns in the safe without any cases around them. Only use cases when taking your firearms out of the safe and transporting them elsewhere. You can still store the cases in the safe if you like, but make sure they aren't covering the rifles themselves.

8. Make a Note of the Combination 

If you're buying a safe like the Hollon BHS 16, you'll need to make a combination to open and lock it as desired. It's easy for people to forget safe combinations. This is especially true if you have a busy life and a lot of other passwords and codes to remember. It is therefore recommended to make a note of the combination. But don't store the note in an easily accessible place. If a thief breaks into your home, they might look for notes of your safe combination. Be sure to store the note in a hard-to-spot area. 

You could also consider making a digital note and storing it on your phone or computer. This can be a good way to retrieve the code if you forget it. But you need to make sure that your devices don't fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that you have password protection on your devices, just in case. Also, be sure to use anti-malware and online security to protect against hackers.

9. Keep a Note of All Items Inside the Safe

As well as noting down the combination code, it's also wise to make a list of your safe's inventory. You can update the list over time as you add new firearms and accessories to your Hollon Republic gun safe. This lets you keep track of the safe's contents without needing to keep opening it up all the time. This can be important for personal and insurance reasons. 

It also helps you ensure that nothing has gone missing when you check the safe. Sometimes, thieves may only take one or two items and hope to not be noticed. Having a list of all the items in your safe will protect you from this kind of crime.


Hollon gun safes are some of the best around. The Hollon EMP-6333 TL-15 Tactical Gun Safe, for example, has a huge capacity, 2-hour fire protection, and immense wall strength. But just like any other kind of gun safe, you need to use them with care. These safes will offer the highest levels of effectiveness when stored in the proper locations. The tips above should help you get the most out of your safe.