Average Costs Installation Floor Safes in 2021

Installing a floor safe increases the value of your home, adds storage space, and protects valuables. However, before hiring a service to complete the work you need to know the average cost. It will help you determine a fair price for the project.

Are you worried that it will cost too much to install the safe? Do you have a limited budget? Then read on for insight into the average costs and how they add up. 

Average costs for safe installation jobs

You’ll spend around $610-$800 on average when having a safe installed in your home. However, you can shop around to get a lower price. It depends on the type of safe you’re after. It’s important to get excellent security and workmanship, which costs money.

The maximum you’re likely to spend on the project is around $2,000. This gives you the best type of safe and offers industry-leading installation quality. You can expect the safe to be discreetly placed so that the floor doesn’t look suspicious. Also, entry will be simple, which means accessing the compartment regularly will not be a chore.

The minimum you can expect to pay is around $100. For that price, the safe size will be small and offer unsophisticated locking mechanisms. Also, the job to install the safe might be of poor quality. It depends on the service you have hired.

Buying considerations when installing a floor safe

Are you looking to purchase a floor safe but not sure what’s the best option for you? There are multiple factors you should think about before placing an order. With hundreds of floor safes to choose from, we are here to guide you along the decision-making process. 

1. Security

The main factor you should look at is security because if someone finds your floor safe, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in. There are four main types of protection, so select the one that matches your preferences:

  • Biometric

These safes use your fingerprint or face for identification. Therefore, making it extremely difficult to crack the lock because everyone has unique biometrics. Also, they're easier to use because you don’t have to waste time pressing buttons.

  • Key lock

Key locks aren’t the best option because of the basic locking mechanism they are easier to crack open. This is the most straightforward way to open the safe, as you don’t need to spin a dial or press a lock code.

  • Combination lock

Using a combination lock is an old-school safe design but still super reliable. The dial consists of multiple numbers to make it harder for burglars to guess the code. The length of the code depends on the safe. However, it’s recommended to have a code with a minimum of five numbers for better security. Also, no batteries are required, so the safe will always be operational.

  • Electronic keypad

Another excellent security option is using an electronic keypad because of the ease of use. These safes have codes up to eight digits, and some let you customize the length for added protection. Also, you can change the code whenever you want if you think the password was compromised. However, the drawback is the safe will use batteries as it needs a constant supply of power.

2. Product certifications

The utmost important aspect you should look at before placing an order is the product certifications. Having the safe approved by well-known companies that specialize in safety certifications is a huge bonus. An ETL mark is brilliant because they were tested by Intertek Laboratories, which are highly regarded in this space. However, if the safe doesn’t have a certification it could still provide good protection, but there are no guarantees.

Having a safe tested against burgling techniques lets the manufacturer improve their product. The safe should be anti-theft class, so you know the level of security is strong. Look for terms such as anti-drill, anti-saw, anti-bump, and ply resistant for the best security.

3. Fireproof and Waterproof safe

If you’re looking to purchase a safe to store documents or other fragile items, then consider a fireproof and waterproof safe. You never know when the worst can happen, and losing your most important possessions will be heartbreaking. Therefore, make sure the safe you choose has passed the tests to get the verified certifications. Take note of how long the safe can stay in the fire and what internal heat it can handle.  

Type of safe 

There are multiple safe types that you can store under the floor. Continue reading for a list that lays out the most popular options.

1. Data safes

Data safes have a specific purpose of safely storing digital assets like CDs, DVDs, tapes, and films. This safe is perfect for those who want to protect important things like family videos.

2. Fire-resistant safes

Your safe may be protected against burglars, but that may not be the only risk to your valuables. In the event of a fire, it’s important that you have a fire-proof case to protect what’s inside. This type of safe is ideal for those who want to protect important documents, photos, and other easily flammable objects.

3. Waterproof safes

A waterproof case can be a lifesaver in the event of a flood since your assets will stay dry and secure. Also, since it’s a floor safe there is a higher chance of water getting to the compartment. Choosing to buy this safe type depends on your location. That’s because if you don’t live near a body of water, then you are unlikely to face a flooding event.

4. Gun safe

Gun cabinets are a unique type of vault designed to keep your firearms safe. In the event of a robbery, a hidden compartment on the floor that nobody knows about can save your life. Also, you can hide your firearms away from children. The inside is designed for guns and to store ammunition. Some safes are created explicitly for specific models of firearms.

5. Safe box

The most common type of safe uses a box design, which lets you store your belongings. These safes come in various forms and sizes, so you can choose the one that will slide into your floor nicely. Make sure to select one that has enough space to store all the items you want. However, if your floors don’t have sufficient depth, an alternative is to get a shallow and wider safe.

6. Jewelry safe

The best way to keep your precious jewelry protected is to buy a safe specifically designed for that. Jewelry safes are small, compact, and have enough space to store multiple expensive items. Placing them under the floorboard is easy due to their size. Also, make sure that it has an advanced lock design and the necessary resistances.

How to choose a floor safe installation service

Hiring a service to install the safe is the second part of the cost calculation. Here are the top factors that determine what floor safe installation service to choose.


Take the time to complete background research on a service before hiring them. Check out the reviews and what other customers say about their installation jobs. Also, keep an eye out for awards they have won and other industry recognition. The top companies will have a positive track record spanning multiple years. 


Shop around to get a good deal when selecting an installation service. You can save money when the company can sell and install the unit for one price. However, don’t make the mistake of using price as the only buying consideration. Go for a quality firm that offers high-quality safes and performs industry-leading installation jobs.


Installing a floor safe requires demolition of the room, which can get messy. You want a professional company that will respect your private property by treating it as if it were their own. The tools shouldn’t do more damage than is required to clear a space for the safe.

It’s a good idea to share the project details such as the safe size and type of floor that needs to be removed. Ideally, the end result will be a surface that does not look like there is a hidden compartment underneath.


You don’t want a service that’s going to take longer than needed to finish the installation job. Ask before hiring how long they need to complete the work. Also, keep an eye on progress throughout to see if they will stick to the target time. Most services can complete the work in a single day, but it does depend on the type of floor and safe that you have.


Check to see if the installation service has the right certifications. You’ll typically see the information in the footer. Professional companies will invest in their employees by getting them fully certified to complete the required work.

When to choose the DIY floor safe installation route

You can opt for the DIY approach to save money, but there are a few noteworthy considerations to take into account. 

  • Satisfaction of installing yourself

You might get a sense of satisfaction installing the safe using your own tools and skills. The process of completing maintenance work empowers you to take on more challenging tasks in the future. You’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment and family members might be proud that you did the job instead of outsourcing.

  • Complications and added costs

Choosing the DIY route might seem like a good idea initially, but unforeseen problems can become a costly headache. For example, if you don’t have the right tools, then you’ll need to invest extra money. Also, you may get stuck regarding how to remove the flooring and achieve a discreet look. However, professionals will not have the same problems, which means they get to complete the work faster. 

  • Minimize damage

Professionals understand the inner workings of how a home is constructed. Therefore, they will know if there are power or plumbing lines within the flooring. Based on the structure of your home, the service can recommend the best location to install the hidden floor safe. 

When to choose a professional floor installation service

In a lot of instances going down the professional service installation route is the best choice. They can take the load off your hands so you can get on with the rest of your day. Understanding the value of hiring a company allows you to weigh up the costs versus the advantages.

  • Saves time

Busy professionals that don’t have time to spare might prefer hiring a service to complete the job. You can get on with the rest of your day without worrying about how to fit the installation job into your schedule. Experienced workers can also complete the job on time, which is not the case with DIY projects. The lack of experience means you can run into unforeseen problems. What appears might take only a day can take up your entire week to finish.

  • No stress

Outsourcing the work enables you to forget the details of the job. You might point the professionals in the direction of where you want the hidden compartment to be added. However, you don’t have to worry about the details and how to solve problems as they arise. Therefore, the stress factor is removed, which is important for homeowners that already have too much of it in their life.

  • No power tools or expertise required

In some cases hiring professionals to install is a no-brainer. If you don’t have power tools or any DIY skills then opting for a service makes sense. Unless you want to learn and invest in tools, there is no need to consider the DIY route.

  • Save money

Some installation services provide a discount when using their team to install the floor safe you buy. Therefore, you’ll save money and taking advantage of a great deal is the right choice to save money. You won’t have to buy materials or tools to finish the job yourself, so going for a bundle is a no-brainer.

You can also save more money when buying several floor-mounted safes in one package. The service may reduce the price of each installation when you order a minimum quantity. Also, remember that you can negotiate when placing a bigger order.

  • Added security

The point of investing floor safes is to increase the security of your valuables. The professionals can install the hidden compartment so that it’s discreet. Your work might not result in a finish that restores the flooring to its original look. If security is your primary goal, then the professional route is the best choice.

Final thoughts

Installing floor safes adds value to your home and provides a practical space to store valuables. As an added benefit it reduces the chances of losing precious items since you know they are in the safe. The cost in 2021 is not too expensive as you can expect to pay around $600. Compare that to the price of losing the valuables and you might think that it is a good investment.

Take the time to consider the various factors of choosing a hidden floor safe and installation service. With careful consideration, you’ll end up with a fair price and a high-quality storage compartment that’s secure.