6 Types of Fire Resistant Safe Box in 2021

A fire outbreak can occur when you least expect it. But this doesn't mean you should lose your valuables in the emergence of this event. This is where the need for fireproof safe boxes arises. Are you stressed over getting the perfect selection for you, especially with the diverse types in the market? Well, all you need to do is read on!

There are overwhelming safe varieties. And this can prove a hassle for anyone. But you don't have to worry much. This guide offers insight into the various fire-resistant safe box types. You will also find out about the extent of security of the locks' types available for these safes. Let’s dive in!

Top Choices of Fire Resistant Safe Boxes for Home and Offices 

Fireproof safe boxes protect against heat damages. They also mitigate vulnerability to theft and burglars. There are various types available. So, choosing the right chest for your office and home can be challenging. 

Do you wish to streamline your options with the best types of fireproof safe boxes? Find out below:

1. Phoenix LGL4W25 4-Drawer Legal Fireproof File Cabinet

Phoenix LGL4W25 is one of the most reliable fire-resistant safe boxes for your home and office. Besides the fact that it has unique features, it is also affordable. It has special peculiarities that protect your valuables against environmental effects. These influences are water, fire, smoke, and impact damage. 

Each cabinet in this safe type has high-security locks. Each guard has two keys that offer you a substitute if you lose one. The top drawer has a closing mechanism that releases other storage compartments once you unlock them. This product also has a locking action that can help you bypass closure and opening every time. So, you can keep the safe open as long as you want. 

Phoenix LGL4W25 has a fireproof rating of 350 1-hours for papers and documents. This product's testing was at 1700℉ for the fire test and 2000℉ for the explosion analysis. The size of the drawers will also accommodate letters and folder-sized documents.

2. SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Box

SentrySafe 0500 is another superb selection, particularly if you want something cheap and effective. It is also an exceptional pick if you need a bulky and oversized option. This product is one of the best affordable choices available for you. The impressive point is that the low prices do not compromise its quality. 

You should know that this safe box cannot accommodate a full-size legal document or file. But it is perfect for smaller materials like flash drives, DVDs, passports, and other short reports. Its built-in carriage also makes it easy to move around. 

The fire rating of SentrySafe 0500 is 1550℉ for 30 minutes, which is considered good enough. It can hold up an average house and office fire at this rating. The essential lock type also provides other security forms, particularly against theft. 

3. AdirOffice Fireproof Safe Box With Digital Lock 

Do you need a portable fire-resistant safe box that can accommodate a full-size folder? AdirOffice Fireproof Safe Box is one of the most suitable options for you to consider. It has enough room to accommodate all document sizes, folders, and files. Although space is not as ample as cabinets, it is enough for keeping basic materials. 

Besides its protective and safety features, it is also visually appealing. It comes in varieties of colors, including black, red, white, and blue. This storage box model does not only provide shelter against fire. It also has a bolt-down option that makes it suitable for safeguarding against theft. 

This security chest option uses a digital lock that enhances its security system. But you can override the guard to allow free access. 

4. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe 

AmazonBasics fireproof safe box is another exciting option to consider. It has a medium weight. You can also bolt it to the ground for increased safety. This fire-resistant mini vault has enough space for storing documents and other valuables. The shelving partitions increase the available area and aid proper arrangement. 

But it is noteworthy to mention that this safe box is not water-resistant. So, you can consider having an alternative solution to water protection. You can contemplate using a waterproof protector for your valuables inside the safe. Also, lifting and moving it around should not be a problem with its moderate weight. 

This model offers a significant level of fire resistance. The quality is about 20 minutes at 1200℉. With this heat property, the safe can protect against a regular home and house burning. This temperature rating is ideal for most workspaces. 

5. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof and Waterproof Safe 

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe is one of the most portable fireproof safes. It is also one of the most affordable and cost-effective options. It provides water and fire protection. The safe also includes storage space and security. The overall buildup of this option is durable but relatively heavy. 

This depository option uses a code combination lock that provides high security. It also offers extra security strength with a secondary locking key. You have to note that it is possible to use the digit guarding mechanism and key in unison. You can also bolt it down for additional security. 

You can trust this model for water safety as well. This safe can stay underwater for up to 24 hours without infiltration. It can also hold up fire up to 1700℉ for about an hour. So, you can be sure of it protecting your prized possessions from office and home fires. 

6. SafeBox Digital Security Safe 

SafeBox Digital Security Safe is unique for its digital LED display. This innovation enhances its usability while providing top security. It also has other elements aside from this display that make it sophisticated.

This model offers high protection with its dual unlocking option. It uses unique code combinations and master key settings. You can dodge the private code and replace it with the combination code and master key. It is worth stating that the safe is not waterproof. But it has enough space and moderate weight. You can bolt the box on the floor and wall for added security. 

This security chest can handle flames for about 30 minutes. Sadly, there is no temperature resistance range from the manufacturer. This omission might be something to worry over because it is vital info. Nevertheless, this safe can protect your valuables from regular home and office fire.

Types of Safe Locks 

Every safe should have a reliable lock. It doesn't matter if its primary use is to protect against theft or fire. A storage box should securely accommodate your valuables and prevent damage and burglars.

A safe’s lock can tell a lot about the extent of security. Some mini vaults use only one type of link, but others use a combination of two or more. Most fireproof office cabinets use a variety of two or more guards. Highlighted below are standard security options:

1. Combination Dial Lock 

A combination dial lock is one of the most common safe lock types. It provides top-notch security because it requires dialing numbers in the proper sequence. If you miss any of the figures, directions, or both, the door will not grant access. 

Some storage boxes that use compound control locks also use a key. You require either an unlocking device or the code to open the most lockable fireproof cabinets. Events, where safety requires the two options before granting access, are rare. 

It is worth mentioning that the combination code comes preset from the manufacturer. You have to register the numbers in mind. If you lose the digits or their sequence, you can neither change nor replace them. 

2. Electronic Lock

An electronic lock is similar to a combination dial lock because they both use codes. The key contrast between the two is the mode to input the ciphers. Electronic safes have keypads that allow you to input the digits. It is crucial to input the number coalition in the proper order. 

The good thing about the electronic lock system is that you can change the password and codes later. But ensure that no third party has access to the digits. If you have to tell a mediator, be careful not to reveal it to others. 

3. Key Lock 

Key lock is standard with metal fireproof cabinets. Most manufacturers often use it in combination with other lock types. Key locks make it easy to control your storage box. The safe's opening and closing are pretty straightforward. And the ease does not compromise security. 

Using keys means you don't have to go through the stress of memorizing access codes. The only task is keeping the opener safe and not losing it. You might not be able to gain entry to the safe if you accidentally lose the key. But a significant benefit is that you can give one-time third-party access. You don't have to worry about others retaining the opening mechanism to the safe once you retrieve your box unlocking device.

4. Biometric Lock

Biometric lock offers one of the most rigid accesses. No one can enter the safe without your presence. The lock only opens with recognized fingerprints. So, you don't have to burden yourself with losing keys or forgetting codes and passwords. 

You can register multiple fingerprints. Only those that have their fingers saved can have access to the safe. The chances of someone without a recorded finger match getting into the safe is almost zero. 

5. Card Lock 

Card lock is similar to the use of keys. You need to swipe this card through the safe to have access. The unlocking device comes directly from the manufacturer, and it already has a programmed code. You have to swipe the identification guide and punch the digits in some cases. 

This lock means anyone without the card cannot access the safe. You might lack the authority to change this locking mechanism. In this situation, you might need to contact the producer to gain access to it.

6. Dual Lock 

Dual locks use the combination of two of the above options. In most cases, it comes in variety with most other lock types. This option provides added protection and safety. Some safes make the links work autonomously for each other. But they can also work in unison. Either way, both guards provide extra security. 

What Is The Hardest Safe To Break Into?

The hardest safe to break into in the world is the Fox Knot. This vault contains tons of gold, a large part of America's gold reserve. It uses about 750 tons of reinforced steel and a 22-ton vault door. 

The repository uses a long password that spreads among several members of staff. So, one person cannot single-handedly access the vault. Aside from the integrated security, about 30,000 fully armed soldiers guide this strongroom. It is almost a suicide mission to think about breaking into this safe. 

How Easy Is It To Break Into A Safe? 

The ease of breaking into a safe is dependent on its security system and buildup materials. An adequately built safe should not be easy to break into. This unease is because breaking into mini vaults should bypass all the defense walls. 

Most top-security safes are not simple to crack. Other regular home and office storage boxes and cabinets are relatively tricky too. But there is no vault that someone cannot break. Diamond is the most rigid material globally; it is still possible to break it. 

What Is The Weakest Part Of A Safe?

Safes use various types of locks. Regardless of this lock's sophistication, the weakest part of a storage chest is the locking mechanism. If you misplace your lock's key, that is the most accessible point to drill or break into it. 


Safes are an excellent way to handle vital documents' storage and security at home and offices. It helps to protect records and valuables from fire. Some also have a waterproof feature. They possess a high-security lock that protects against theft.

Getting the bestfire-resistant safe box will help you secure your prized possessions. Don't forget to consider the right factors for choosing the best lockable fireproof cabinet for you. Acquiring this facility will surely be a worthy security investment!