16 Tips When Buying Vault Doors

If you want to set up your own safe room, a vault door is an absolute must-buy. Vault doors offer the protection and security you need to store valuable items the right way. Unlike regular doors, these items are immensely strong and virtually impenetrable. So if any thieves try to break in, they'll find it almost impossible to enter your safe.

But there are lots of these kinds of doors out there. You need to think with care when looking for one to install in your own home. It's wise to not rush in and buy the first model you find. Instead, take your time and consider a wide range of factors. This guide will cover some useful tips to follow when searching for the perfect door.

Essential Advice When Looking for Vault Doors

1. Don't Rush in

When you're looking for any kind of protective product for your home, it's wise to take your time. It doesn't matter if you want a vault door or a gun safe with a fingerprint lock, rushing can lead to mistakes. There's no need to buy the first product you find or make a purchase without carrying out some research.

Instead, give yourself the time you need to make an informed, intelligent decision. Reading guides like this will help you learn more about how these doors work and what they're made of. This will help you make the right choice for your home's safety.

2. Reviews and Comparisons

One of the key facts to know about these doors is that they're not all equal. There are many choices out there. Some models are very well-made with super thick and strong materials and solid locking mechanisms. Others are produced by manufacturers who cut corners in an attempt to save money. This can lead to weaker locks and less protection overall.

Many shoppers will therefore like to take a look at reviews and comparisons. This can help to find the best possible doors for their needs. It's also wise to make sure you only order from trusted, proven brands with good track records. This can make all the difference, narrowing down your search and helping you find a door you can trust.

3. Weight Matters

When it comes to doors for vaults, one of the biggest factors of importance is weight. These doors weigh much more than regular doors. They need to weigh a lot in order to withstand blows and impacts. This is what gives them their strength and solidity. Otherwise, it would be easy for a criminal to simply bash them in or ram them down. So make sure you take a look at the weight of your door before buying it.

"How heavy is a bank vault door?" Well, entry-level vault doors can weigh around 300 to 400 pounds. Mid-range doors go from 400 upwards. Many experts recommend finding a door at around 500-600 pounds. This can be a great weight as it offers strength without being overly heavy. If the door is too heavy, installing it can be problematic, as the floor may need extra reinforcement.

4. Thick Steel Construction Is Key 

The point of getting a vault door is to protect your items. You might be using it as a room door gun locker to protect your firearm collection. Or you might use it as a barrier between thieves and valuable items like jewelry and heirlooms. You could have other reasons for using it too, but in any case, you need maximum protection. In order to get the strongest levels of defense, thick steel is needed. 

Remember that even the strongest doors can be broken into eventually. If thieves are persistent and have lots of time, they'll try breaking through and could succeed. But if you get a door that is immensely thick, it will take them a very long time to get in. Thinner doors are a lot easier to break through. Thieves may be tempted to try breaking a slender and weak door but will be put off if they see a thick, strong one.

5. Make Sure the Locking Mechanism Is Tough Too 

The actual door itself needs to be made from thick and sturdy steel. But that's not all. It's no use having a super thick door if the locks holding it in place are weak and flimsy. So you need to make sure that the locking mechanism for your safe door is very tough too. 

The bars and bolts of this part of the door have to made from thick, heavy, resistant steel. This will make the lock way harder for anyone to try and break. Having multiple bolts is important as well and will help to add extra reinforcement. Essentially, the stronger and more complex your door's locking system is, the better.

6. Protecting Against Fire 

Remember that thieves and criminals aren't the only threats you need to worry about. Fire is another big risk that could do a lot of damage to your valuable possessions and property. Fire protection is therefore another key factor to think about when looking for a gun cabinet for sale vault door. Without sufficient defense against fire, the contents of a vault or safe room can be burned up in mere minutes.

The best doors are able to withstand fire and high temperatures. They won't be able to hold out forever, and heat will gradually enter the space on the other side of the door. But they can give you valuable time to get the fire extinguished without any harm coming to the items inside. This can make all the difference in the long term. So try to find a unit that can deal with heat and stand up to the flames.

7. Spare a Thought for Aesthetics 

Many people wonder "How do you hide a vault door?" Color can be an important part of this process, and the look of your door can have an effect on how enjoyable it is to have in your home. So it’s wise to find one that blends in well with your style and theme. If you find one that matches the walls and floors, it won't stand out so much. This means that any thieves in your home might not notice it as easily. This can help to make your home less of a target. 

So color and design aren't just important from an aesthetic point of view; they can also improve the effectiveness of the door too. They're available in many colors, like gray, black, brown, and more. Think about the colors in your home and find one that matches.

8. Consider Creating Your Own Panic Room 

It is possible to make use of a vault door to create your own safe room. A safe/panic room is a space where you or your family can go and be safe if the home gets invaded. There have been many stories of these spaces helping to save lives. It can also be very reassuring to have this kind of area inside your home. Plus, it gives you an extra line of defense against criminals and intruders. 

But not every door is compatible with this idea. You need to find one that can be locked from the inside. This will give you the option of entering the space, closing the door behind you, and sealing yourself in. It's also important to make sure that the door will not be able to be unlocked from the outside. This would defeat the purpose of the panic room. 

9. Look for UL Certification

When looking for quality products, it's often wise to find those that have certification from independent authorities. This rule applies when looking for safe doors too. In the vault world, UL certification or UL approval is very important. Doors that aren't UL approved should usually be ignored, as they may be of low quality. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. This is an independent product safety certification organization. It sets the standard for safety in door locks, and it tests products to see how strong they really are. 

Check that the door you want to buy has a UL-approved Group II lock or better. This is a true sign of quality. If you buy a door without such approval, the lock or door will likely have been made to lower standards. It may have been produced with subpar materials and will be easier to break. This could make your safe a lot less secure.

10. What About the Walls? 

Many people want to buy a safe door to create a vault room for their most valuable and important items. But what about the walls of the room? They need to be strong too. Otherwise, a burglar who wants to get in could ignore the door and just smash through the walls instead. This is why you need to take some time to plan out your vault beforehand and think about all four sides of it. 

Many homeowners like to get a vault constructed when their actual home is being made. This allows you to make the walls from thick, tough concrete with steel framing. It can help to make your vault immensely secure from all sides and reduce the risk of fire damage too. If your home is already built, you might be able to find a space in the basement or garage where new walls can be added for a vault.

11. Control the Humidity 

Items in your vault can still degrade and deteriorate over time. And a huge factor that could cause harm to your items is humidity. Moisture can build up in enclosed spaces like vaults. This may lead to mold, mildew, and rust damage on your items. If you plan on storing guns in your safe, for example, they can start to rust and corrode if the moisture levels are too high. 

So you have to think about a way to control humid levels inside the vault. There are a few ways to do this. A quick and easy method is to set up a dehumidifier. You can install one in the vault. This will help to control humidity in the air. It will draw out excess wetness and keep your items safe from water damage. You may also need a drainage system to get the moisture out of the space. 

12. Identify Your Installation Location

The location of your vault and your door is indeed hugely important things to think about. There are many places you might choose to set up the safe. Some people opt for areas like the basement or garage. Others prefer the bedroom. Other people have different ideas entirely. 

In general, experts recommend putting the door somewhere accessible. Having it in an easy-to-access location lets you get inside whenever you need to. This can be important in emergency situations when you need rapid access to your firearms. 

13. Check for Relockers

When looking for a quality safe, there are certain key terms you need to know. "Relockers" or "relocking devices" are some of those terms. Some people who are new to the world of safe doors might be unfamiliar with these terms. Basically, a relocker is a device that will trigger automatically to strengthen the lock of the safe if someone tries to break into it. It's like an extra form of urgent protection for emergency situations. 

The best doors always have relockers. Some only have one, but others come with multiple relocking devices. They're very important because they make it much harder for any criminals to penetrate the vault. So make sure to find a door that has them if you want the highest levels of security and protection.

14. Don't Forget About Door Height

Yet another factor to think about is the actual size of the door. These doors can come in a wide range of sizes, usually ranging from 70 to 80 inches in height. The shorter doors tend to be more affordable, while the larger doors have higher price tags on average. There are a few things to consider in terms of size. 

A bigger door might cost more but will look more natural in your home. It will also be easier for tall people to step in and out with ease. Plus, bigger doors give bigger openings for putting in or taking out large items. At the same time, larger doors also need more space for installation. So you need to think about the right compromise for you in terms of size and price.

15. Inswinging or Outswinging? 

Another factor to think about when it comes to doors for vaults is whether to have them swinging inwards or outwards. Both possibilities are available, and both have their pros and cons. The right option for you might depend on your preferences and the layout of your home. Some homes are better suited to inswinging doors because of space issues, for example. 

In general, inward opening doors are best. With these doors, there's no risk of you getting blocked or barricaded in the safe or panic room if you step inside. But with an inswinging door, you have to make sure the door doesn't bash into valuable items on the other side. So this can cause space and convenience issues. Outswinging doors let you make full use of the interior vault space.

16. Professional Installation Is Best

When looking for a vault door, you also have to think about setting it up. Some homeowners might be tempted to try and DIY install their door. But in general, this is not recommended. Doors for vaults are very heavy, complex items. Fitting one of them isn't like installing a regular door. 

It takes a lot of time, effort, skill, and specialist equipment too. So it's always recommended to hire professionals. They'll be able to carry out the installation process properly. This will reduce the risk of any accidents or errors. It will also help to make sure that your door is as solid as can be.


Looking for a vault door can feel like quite a challenge. After all, there are so many vault doors out there and so many factors to think about. It's important to get this choice right. The best doors can offer the protection you need, while weaker models might disappoint. Follow the tips listed above to find a door you can rely on for years to come.