10 Ways On How To Hide Your Big Hidden Gun Storage

If you happen to own a lot of guns, you'll need a big safe or locker to keep them all secure. This is a key part of being a responsible gun owner. Firearms need to be kept in a safe location when not in use. Not only can this help to protect your weapons from wear and tear, but it also prevents them from falling into the wrong hands. This is where hidden gun storage comes into play.

Displaying a large gun safe in an obvious location isn't a great idea. It provides a clear target for thieves and other criminals in the area. A hidden storage container can offer the extra protection you need. But how do you hide a big safe? And what is the best hiding spot? i

Reasons To Use Hidden Gun Storage

So why should you actually hide a big gun safe in the first place? Well, there are several key reasons to do so, and some might surprise you. Let's take a look at some of the top advantages of hiding your firearm lockers. 

Reducing the Risk of Breaking and Entering

One of the main reasons to hide a large gun safe is to reduce the risk of your home being targeted by criminals. Often, thieves will scope out potential targets. They'll look through windows to check for valuable items or signs of expensive goods. The presence of a large safe can be a very encouraging sign for a burglar.

Why? Well, if a criminal sees a big firearm container on display on your property, they know that you must have some costly weapons or other valuables inside it. This can make them more likely to break in and try to steal from you. If you hide the safe, however, they might not notice anything special about your property and simply move on.

Extra Protection for Your Collection

Hiding a safe can also provide an extra layer of protection for your firearm collection. A safe out in the open is easy to find and start breaking into for a thief. But with a hidden safe, that process can take a lot longer. The criminal will need to spend time looking around, searching rooms, etc.

Ideally, you want to make it as hard as possible for any burglars to find your valuable items. So it makes a lot of sense to hide them as well as you can. After all, it wouldn't be very logical to simply leave jewelry boxes lying around in plain sight. The same logic applies to your shotgun and rifle lockers, too.

The Element of Surprise

Using a hidden closet gun safe or similar solution can also give you the advantage of surprise. So, if someone does enter your home planning to rob you or attack you, they won't know that you have guns. They might think they have the upper hand, but you're the one with the power.

Having the element of surprise can help you catch burglars unaware. They might be more relaxed and less attentive if they think you're unarmed. So you'll be able to use your weapons to defend your property if needed.

Privacy Reasons

Another benefit of using something like a hidden wall gun safe is simply for your own privacy. You might have guests like friends or family visiting your house sometimes. Or you could have workers or strangers on the property now and then for certain reasons.

You might not want them to see your safe or know all about your firearm collection. If you leave it somewhere obvious, these people could get curious and tell others all about your guns. But if you hide it, you can keep the secret for yourself and the people you trust the most.

Best Methods for Hiding Gun Storage

It's clear to see that hiding your gun safes and storage lockers is a great idea, for various reasons. But how do you go about it? Let's look at some tried and proven methods for concealing big firearm storage.

Under the Stairs

One of the best hidden gun storage ideas is to set up your safe under the stairs. A lot of homes have hollow spaces under the stairs that simply aren't used. You can use tools or work with contractors to access that space. Then, you can install your firearm storage locker on the inside, with a concealed door or entrance.

This is a really great option for bigger safes because it won't use up any of the useful floor space in your home. Instead, this method allows you to use up some room that you probably have no other need for. Plus, it gives you easy access to your weapons from almost any room in the home.

In a Vault or Secret Room

If you want the utmost level of protection and safety for your firearms, you may want to invest in a vault. This can be costly, but it's often the very best way to hide guns and other expensive items in your home. The best vaults and secret rooms are almost impenetrable, providing maximum security.

However, having a big, obvious vault door out in the open can attract unwanted attention. Therefore, it's a good idea to get your room fitted with some sort of secret door. You could also hide the door with items of furniture. A wardrobe with the back removed can be placed in front, for example.

Built into a Couch or Table

If you're considering creating some hidden gun storage furniture, you might want to take a look at your couch or coffee table. These items can be found in many homes, often in living rooms and lounges. Sections of them can be hollowed out and removed to make space for a safe.

In a sofa, for instance, you can cut out a section under one of the seat cushions. You can then install your gun locker and then place the cushion and cover back on to hide it. The same logic applies to tables or other large furniture items. It's a good option to choose, as thieves rarely think to closely inspect couches and similar pieces.

Beneath the Floorboards

When a thief enters a home, they'll often start looking in drawers, cabinets, and closets. Very few of them will take the time to look under the boards beneath their feet. This is why hiding a safe under the floorboards can actually be a very clever option to consider when you want to protect your firearms.

If you have wooden floors, it can be quite easy to loosen some of the boards. You can then install the safe under them and put the boards back in place. You may want to place a rug or some sort of cover over the top to remind you where the unit actually is.

Use Décor to Distract Attention

The key to ensuring that your big gun safe is well-hidden is making it look as normal as possible. You don't want to draw too much attention to the area where the guns are hiding. It's wise to make clever use of décor items to help with this, keeping eyes away from the safe.

If you have a hidden wall gun safe, for example, you can position decorative wall signs or pictures to cover it up. You can also position things like plant pots and lamps in front of it. If you have a floor gun locker, you can use carpets and pieces of furniture to make it blend in. It's all about using other items to make your safe as invisible as possible.

In Your Bedroom Closet

Statistics show that bedrooms are the most popular spots for gun storage. But you might be wondering, "Where should I store my gun in my bedroom?" Well, the closet is one of the top spots to choose. This way, you can quickly access your guns if someone breaks in during the night when you're in bed.

However, you need to be careful. Thieves will target closets early on when searching homes. The safe needs to be hidden with care. There are different ways to do this. You can cover it up with clothes, blankets, bedding, and boxes. Or you can install the safe on the closet floor or in a secret hidden compartment at the back of the space.

Under the Bed 

As stated in the previous point, the bedroom is a popular and smart choice for hiding weapons. It's a great room to choose because it gives you easy access to firearms when you need them. But putting a gun in a nightstand or on a bedroom shelf isn't a smart idea. So why not conceal your rifles and shotguns under the bed instead?

You can do this in different ways. You could put a floor safe right in the middle of the bedroom, for example. You could also build the safe into the frame of the bed, depending on what type you have. You could also simply place the locker under the frame if there is enough space. Then, you can use sheets and bedding elements to cover it up, as well as placing other boxes around to hide it.

Hidden Mirror Door

You might have seen spy movies where someone pulls open a mirror to reveal a hidden space on the other side. Well, that sort of thing isn't only reserved for the world of cinema. It can work in real life too. In fact, there are a lot of people using secret hidden mirror doors to hide valuables, like guns and jewelry.

You can call in professional contractors to install this system for you. Or, if you have DIY experience, you can tackle it yourself. It's a great way to conceal a firearm storage solution in a place that no thief will ever think to look for. This is also a good option for gun owners who live in homes with children and want to keep the kids away from weapons.

Disguised as a Fridge or Freezer

Another ingenious method for hiding a gun safe is to disguise it inside a fridge or freezer. This works well if you plan to keep the locker inside your garage. It's also a good option for storing weapons in the basement. Many people have an extra fridge or freezer or two in these areas for storage of chilled goods.

You can place your safe inside the old freezer to conceal it. If someone breaks in, they'll be unlikely to check inside. They'll just assume that it's a regular freezer unit with food and ice in the interior. You can add some extra protection by draping sheets or putting some boxes on top. This can make the storage blend in better with the environment.

Hidden Among Boxes and Junk

If a thief enters your home, they'll want to find the best things to steal as quickly as possible. They won't have time to inspect every little box. Instead, they'll try to target the most obvious areas where valuables and precious items could be hidden. So, a good way to conceal your gun collection is to hide it among old boxes of junk.

In the garage, for example, you might already have plenty of old boxes. They could contain old clothes, holiday decorations, and kids' toys. No thief would waste their time inspecting them all. They'll simply see a big pile and move on. So, you can nestle your safe in among the boxes to make it far less eye-catching.


It's vital to find the right place to hide your big gun safes and lockers. The location and method you choose can make all the difference. Not only for protecting your firearms but also your home and your family. In fact, the hidden gun storage solutions you choose could save your life someday. If you choose the right spot, you could have easy access to your guns in a home invasion situation. If you pick the wrong spot, that situation could degenerate or your valuable collection could be stolen. Therefore, it really is crucial to take these tips and tricks into account and hide your weapons the right way.