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TruckVault SUV 1 drawer


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TruckVault SUV 1 drawer


TruckVault products for SUV’s started as a customer suggestion years ago. Pick-ups were the mainstay of business for TruckVault for some time until a tradeshow customer suggestion came along that we make products for SUVs. From there our Public Safety business took off and the rest as they say is history. Now our popular line of SUV products for Tahoes and Explorers are among our top sellers.

All TruckVault products can be customized to your specific needs.

SUV-short (24-33 long)

SUV-mid (33-53 long)

SUV-full (53-70 long)

SUV-long (70-83 long)


  •  Standar height is 6 1/2 
  • Magnum height is 10 1/2 


Base Order Quotes default to the Silver T-Lock
unless otherwise specified. The Package Order Quotes includes the Comination Lock at no extra charge.

The Push-Button Combination Lock with Key Override allows for quick access without fumbling for your keys.

Silver T-Locks are time tested, reliable favorite for those not wishing to upgrade to the combination option.

Folding T-Handle locks are your All-Weather option. Built to withstand the elements.


Long and Short dividers come with repositionable Divider Holders and can be removed from the drawer in moments. Diagonal dividers come permanently installed.

LONG DIVIDERS run the length of your TruckVault, and are most often used for keeping rifles and other firearms safely in place while you travel.

DIAGONAL DIVIDERS run from corner to corner, providing extra room for long and narrow pieces of equipment. (Recommended for 1-Drawers)

SHORT DIVIDERS section your TruckVault drawer into a number of convenient compartments, making it easy to keep your gear organized and safe as you travel. (Recommended for 2-Drawer TruckVault products, where one drawer features Long Dividers for long gear and the other is sectioned using Short Dividers.)


TruckVault products include EXTERIOR CARPETING to match the interior of your vehicle, disguising the unit as the floor of the cargo area.

INTERIOR CARPET is the carpet that lines the inside of the drawers of your TruckVault and is included in a Package Quote.

Contact us for any special request.

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