Decked Toyota Tacoma (2019-current)

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Decked Toyota Tacoma (2019-current)

Technical Specifications:

  • High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe)

  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Cast Aluminum Handles
  • Galvanized Steel Subframe
    Weight Capacities:


    System Dimensions: 

    Short Long
    Length 4'8" 5'8"
    Width (Varies To Fit Vehicle) 56” – 64” 56” – 64”
    Height 12" 12"
    Total Weight (Lbs) 205 229
    Color: Black
    Narrow Drawer Dimensions: Short Long
    Length (Top Of Drawer) 53" 64.7"
    Length (Bottom Of Drawer) 47.3" 59"
    Width (Top Of Drawer) 11" 11"
    Width (Bottom Of Drawer) 9.75" 9.75"
    Height 8.5” 8.5”
    Drawer Extension 36" 43"
    Wide Drawer Dimensions Short Long

    Length (Top of Drawer)

    53" 64.7"

    Length (Bottom of Drawer)

    47.3" 59"

    Width (Top of Drawer)

    18" 18"

    Width (Bottom of Drawer)

    16.75" 16.75"


    8.5” 8.5”

    Drawer Extension

    36" 43"


    Steel Subframe Short Long
    Galvanized Steel Tubes 6 7

      Length in Detail:

      • Overall Length: Short 56.28 in [1429.51mm] Long 68.01 in [1727.45mm]
      • Length - Difference in Long and Short System: 11.73 in (equivalent to Lateral Steel Tube spacing)
      • Length - Stud Long. Center to TGAC Long Center: Short 37.82in [960.62mm ] Long 49.55in [1258.53mm ]
      • Length - TGAC Long. Center to Deck Pnl Long. Center: Short 17.04 in [432.68 mm] Long 22.9in [581.661mm ]

          Width in Detail:

          • Overall Width: 64.00 in [1625.6 mm]
          • Width – Lateral Steel Tubes minus End Caps: 54.54 in [1385.32]
          • Width – Underside – Widest Lateral Steel Tube Supports: 56.19 in [1427.22 mm]
          • Width – Base of Ammo Cans @ Widest Point: 51.19 in [1300.21 mm]
          • Width - C channel Mtg to C channel Lateral Mounting Distance: 39.03 in [991.46 mm]
          • Width - Minimum Overall that Clears Ammo Can Openings: 55.98 in [1421.90 mm]
          • Width – Wide Drawer Centerline to Center of Vert: 11.5 in [292.1 mm]
          • Width – Wide Drawer - Wheel Centerline to Wheel Centerline: 14.71 in [373.63 mm]
          • Width – Narrow Drawer - Wheel Centerline to Wheel Centerline: 14.71 in [373.63 mm]
          • Width – Wide Drawer - Centerline of Wheel Track to Centerline of Wheel Track: 15.00 in [381.00 mm]
          • Width – Narrow Drawer - Centerline of Wheel Track to Centerline of Wheel Track: 7.75 in [196.91 mm]

              Height in Detail:

              • Deck Height – Top of D Tread: 12.19 in [309.6 mm]
              • Deck Height – Underside of Lowest Top Surface (i.e. to clear wheelhouse): 11.75 in [298.45]
              • Deck Height – Underside Lateral Steel Tube Supports: 10.5 in [266.7 mm]
              • Deck Height – Underside Lateral Steel Tube: 10.75 in [273.05 mm]
              • Ammo Can Top Mounting Surface to Bottom: 10.5 in [266.7 mm]

                  Key Features:

                  • 3-Year Warranty
                  • Built from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) co-molded to a galvanized recycled steel subframe
                  • System payload rating: 2000 lbs evenly distributed on the deck
                  • Drawer payload rating: 200 lbs per drawer
                  • Two full bed-length drawers. Note: Drawers do not fully extend. See the TECHNICAL SPECS tab for details.
                  • Drawers are weatherproof. System itself is impervious to moisture, extreme UV light exposure and severe temperatures
                  • Oversized cast aluminum handles for ease of operation with gloves
                  • Will work with a spray-in bed liner, but not a drop-in plastic bed liner
                  • Will work with a BedRug mat, but not with a BedRug full liner. 
                  • The midsize system features one full-size drawer and one narrow drawer. The full-size drawer fits regular dividers, the D-Box and the Crossbox. The Narrow drawer fits narrow dividers and the Crossbox. The midsize system is also compatible with locks, drain plugs and CoreTrax.
                  • PLEASE NOTE: Some Tacoma/Tundra's come with aftermarket bed lighting kits. Light modification of your system may be required if you have this option. A small sliver of the deck may need to be cut away or shaved down (using a keyhole saw or surform) to create space for your lights. 
                  • This DECKED system fits a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck manufactured from 2005 to 2018 with a 5'1" bed length. It takes a short midsize bed DECKED system.

                  NOTE: This vehicle requires drilling 8 holes into the truck bed for installation. For more information call, email or live chat with our customer service team.

                  NOTE: Because the short midsize DECKED system is 56", there will be about 3.9" of empty space between the tailgate end of the DECKED system and the tailgate. DECKED drawers require 4" to be opened, but the first 5 1/2" of the drawer are taken up by the handle cavity and drawer taper. Thus, it is nearly impossible to remove anything from the drawers with the tailgate closed.

                  Toyota Tacoma (2005-2018)
                  All DECKED Systems come with a 3-Year Limited Warranty.


                  (DECKED is compatible with a variety of accessories including, but not limited to):

                  • Top rail mounted ladder racks
                  • Tonneau covers that do not require more than 3" below the bed rail for mounting or operation

                  GMC Canyon & Chevrolet Colorado (2015-current)

                  AMERICAN MADE
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                  Assembly requires basic hand tools. Please follow our written instructions as well as step-by-step video tutorials:

                   Easy To Remove & Reinstall:
                  Once DECKED is installed in the vehicle, removal or re-installation only requires about 15-20 minutes using basic hand tools. DECKED comes apart into four major pieces and can be stacked neatly until it’s time to reinstall.


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