WOLF 1834

WOLF 1834

WOLF’s 1834 watch safes and cabinets are some of the best on the market and it would be very difficult to find anything better in terms of features and security.


In fact, WOLF 1834 watch safes and cabinets undergo rigorous testing both during their manufacturing process and afterward to ensure they meet international safety standards including testing by the Underwriters lab. These safes are durable, long-lasting, and are the perfect tools to protect your valuable watches and jewelry pieces.


With pieces spanning WOLF’s Churchill, Atlas, Regent, Baron, Ambassador, and Vanguard collections, our selection of WOLF 1834 safes offer the variety that any collector needs to find the perfect piece for their collection.


If you are looking for a luxury watch safe or cabinet, then look no further than the 1834 safe collection with watch cabinets made with the finest glass, leathers, and wood which are handcrafted to create the perfect product.


This collection features a clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional winding to suit any watch, customizable TPD, lock-in cuffs, extra storage, and a start delay of up to 255 hours. Where to start?

WOLF 1834 Ambassador 32-piece Cabinet Winder

The WOLF 1834 Ambassador 32-piece Cabinet Winder is a best seller due to its incredible storage capacity. Not only does it come with all of the features already listed, but it’s secure and can house a large collection of up to 32 watches on winders with an additional 7 watches housed in a storage compartment. Tempered glass doors with a locking mechanism and 3 digit combination lock on drawers make this piece a high-security and high capacity watch safe.


WOLF 1834 Atlas 12-piece Winder Safe

In addition to all the features listed above The WOLF 1834 Atlas 12-piece, Winder Safe offers max security with titanium and onyx exterior. These safes are designed and built in the U.S. to ensure that they surpass America’s most stringent safety standards. WOLF’s LusterLoc technology ensures that your pieces aren’t just protected from theft, but also harmful gases. If you’re looking for a high-security safe that is guaranteed to protect your pieces from the inside out, then look no further. The safe also comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure that your safe functions at its highest capacity, no matter what.


One of the most anticipated features of this collection is the WOLF app that’s available on both iOS and Android devices. This app makes it simple and easy to customize your safe or watch cabinet and control its features directly from your mobile device. Collectors are able to control winders individually or simultaneously, meaning that you can ensure that your watches are expertly wound every time. Not to mention, you can stay organized with just a few clicks by using the app to name individual winders and the safe itself which is especially helpful if you happen to have more than one!


WOLF 1834


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    Hasn't been broken into yet...

    So I can't comment on the actual function of the safe. It appears to be very well made and for a safe, is quite attractive. Good fit and finish, smooth operation and so far no problem. If nothing else I have enhanced peace of mind

    Great safe

    Received safe very fast shipping, great safe I love it. Also ordered inside door panel but didn’t receive hardware to install it on the door. Armadillo contacted Vaultek but Vaultek is very slow at sending out hardware. Vaultek could learn a lot from Armadillo’s customer service.

    Small but just right

    It's the best vault anyone can buy. It's not a high price because u pay for what you are getting. Customize how ever you want it. Fits five rifles in front and 1 in the door. Many choices. Just pay a little more for the add-ons.

    Great service

    Fast and speedy service, they got the item out within 12 hours, shipping info provided, packaging good.

    Prompt shipping, awesome product

    Safe is very high quality and exceeded my expectations, most secure small safe I have seen at this price point with an electronic lock that can’t be easily defeated or bypassed. For my purposes I was concerned more with unauthorized access than theft, so this fits the need perfectly.