Why Watch Winders Are Necessary

If you have a passion for watches, you most likely will have more than one watch in your collection.  Watches are something that if you have been bitten by the collector bug, they are hard to resist. Many people still wear watches, even though time is everywhere.  This allows you to know the time and keep track of timing in meetings and things of that nature. A watch can be a status symbol a well. As there are some very nice high-end watchmakers out there.  This day and age, the automatic watch is preferred over the other styles. This means that it will run without ever needing new batteries or being wound with a manual watch winder, which was popular long ago.  

Keep tension on the spring!

The way a watch winder works is that it holds tension on the mainspring by the person's arm movements and a little weight inside. This continuous motion is what keeps the watches going for as long as you are wearing them.  However, if you have a lot of watches or don't always wear the watch, the tension on the mainspring can get loose and the watch could stop. How long this takes is dependant on the brand, make, and model. Some can take many days and some just a few hours. But, it is inevitable that your watch will eventually quit. A watch winder is a simple device that will mimic your movements and keep the watch wound and ready for use. They are simple and usually run by batteries. This will ensure that the mainspring stays tight and working properly.

Keep your watches oiled!

Rolex Watch master

Some may be against watch winders saying they are a waste of money.  While those people may have a lot of disposable income and clearly are not interested in keeping their watches in good running order.  Automatic watches have oils inside of them. If these oils are left stagnant then they will dry up or coagulate. This will cause the watch to not work properly.  If you are likely to get your watches serviced often, this may not be a problem. But, for the rest of us, a watch winder is important to keep the watch running. A watch winder doesn't cost much but can save you a lot of time and money.

We like to watch winders because we like to save our money to buy more watches!  A watch winder can be used for more than one watch as well. You can get multiple watch winders that will keep multiple watches happy.  Or you can just get one watch winder and it can be shared between one watch. Since one will be on your wrist at all times.  

Watch Winders for automatic watches

Wolf Watch Winder

Some people will say that a watch winder is not needed.  However, we beg to differ. A watch winder can save your watch, especially if you own several of them.  Now, a watch winder isn't for everyone. There are some people that have gotten a watch as a gift and only wear that watch.  This is perfectly fine and an automatic watch is a really nice gift. But, for those that love to collect watches, match them to outfits, and change them up, you need watch winders.

Watch winders are typically small boxes where you store your watches.  These can house more than one watch or be a single option. They are great for displaying your watch collection if you pick a more decorative option.  Watch winders come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from as well as different materials.